ROGERS, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — No arrest was made after an Arkansas Arts Academy High School student brought an AK-47 onto school property.

On May 12, a sergeant from the Rogers Police Department was dispatched to the campus parking lot to assist Principal Bryan Appleton in a matter concerning a pair of students. Appleton had been notified that “a student might bring a firearm onto the school campus” on that date.

Dr. Allison Roberts, Superintendent of Arkansas Arts Academy, said the school was alerted the day before that a student was planning to bring a gun to school. Within minutes, the school contacted the Rogers Police Department and worked in conjunction with them to assess the situation and plan the next steps after receiving the tip.

“What was really important and a lesson we learned at Arkansas Arts Academy was the power of students listening and being aware of concerning texts or information shared. The fact that a student took the opportunity to share that immediately with an adult gave us real information that we were able to act on really quickly,” said Dr. Roberts. “Thanks to that information we were able to identify the concerning situation very quickly and stop it immediately.”

On the morning of May 12, while working with the police, the high school’s Principal and Assistant Principal went to the student parking lot and waited for the student to arrive with the suspected gun.

One of the students made social media posts to his friends “that he trusted” stating that he had bought the rifle and that he would bring it to school so they could “look at it.” The principal informed the two students that he was going to search their “persons and their backpacks.” After that, he searched a vehicle that belonged to one of them and asked if there were any firearms inside. The student confirmed that there was one.

According to a Rogers Police incident report, Appleton found a brown box containing the “AK47 rifle” in the back seat, along with one magazine, both unloaded. One of the students claimed ownership of the rifle and the principal then turned the investigation over to the police officer. The sergeant took the box and placed it on the hood of his patrol vehicle.

The officer confirmed that the gun was not loaded and searched its serial number to confirm that it was not stolen or wanted. After being read his Miranda rights, the student said that he had purchased the rifle from a pawn shop six days earlier. He showed the officer the receipt and told them that the ammunition for it was at his residence.

The student clarified that there was “never any bad intent meant” from his social media posts. The principal confirmed that the student did not make or suggest any threats.

“We are very fortunate to have a great relationship with the Rogers Police Department, we worked in unison, and we’ll continue to do so,” Roberts said.

The principal told the officer that the following day would be their last day of school and that the two individuals “both are good students with no disciplinary records.” He added that he did not believe there was any “intent for illegal behavior or violence” and that he thought it would be appropriate to handle the incident “on a school level.”

The two students were informed that they would still graduate, but would not be allowed to participate in the ceremony. They would also not be allowed back on campus without the principal’s permission.

The principal requested that the officer escort the students out of the school parking lot. They met at the City of Rogers municipal parking lot and the officer returned the weapon.

According to the Arkansas Arts Academy High School handbook, possession of a weapon is a “Level 3 Infraction” of the school’s disciplinary guidelines. The Superintendent said the student was issued a citation for bringing the gun onto school property.

Roberts added additional security was on campus following the incident.

This incident happened 12 days before a school shooting in Uvalde, Texas that left 19 kids and two teachers dead.