BENTON COUNTY, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Northwest Arkansas has been experiencing a lot of rain, which could lead to potential flooding and road barricades.

Local counties are watching the roads closely, as they continue to patrol the streets for any potential road hazards.

For the city of Centerton and Benton County, the main concern on the roads is safety, as leaders advise drivers to be aware of flash flood warning signs.

According to Melody Kwok, the communications director for Benton County says flash flooding can happen very quickly, and can be a safety concern for drivers.

“You don’t know what’s hiding underneath that water, you may not know how high the water is,” Kwok said.

Benton County and Centerton both have one phrase in common for the public to know about driving on high water roads.

“Turn around and don’t drown,” Mayor Bill said.

Kwok says Benton County has not barricaded any roads yet but they have been keeping a close on certain streets.

As for Centerton, Mayor Bill says they have only had to close one road down, which usually floods every once in a while.

“We did have one on south main, which does flood once in a while,” Mayor Bill said.

Kwok and Mayor Edwards both advise the general public on what to do if they come across any flooded roads.

“If you do see flooding on a road that has not had the road closed yet, please call 911,” Kwok said.

“If we do put barricades up, please don’t drive around them, they’re there for your safety and we don’t want you to get hurt,” Mayor Edwards said.

Both counties will continue to watch for any flash flooding as their local fire departments and police departments are working hard to ensure the safety of drivers.