SILOAM SPRINGS, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Tax dollars in Siloam Springs could be going toward different things after the midterms.

Voters have the option to shift some of the funding for the local police and fire departments — to pay for things like road work.

According to the City of Siloam Springs city Administrator, in 2013 voters approved a sales tax that gave police 20%, fire 20%, the street department 40% and the general fund 20%. But now, voters can decide if they want to keep this form of revenue permanently or give the street department 80% while keeping 20% with the general fund.

“I think right now, it needs to be heavier on the roads and taking care of residents,” an anonymous resident told KNWA/FOX24.

“If we’re going to lose this area of sales tax funding, what areas are we gonna have to cut?”

Siloam Springs Fire Chief Jeremey Criner says his department relies on sales tax funding for a lot of things.

“We’ve been able to replace 20-plus-year-old fire engines, ambulances, add to our training capabilities, and we have a fire training facility,” Criner said.

Chief Criner says losing these funds could leave certain areas under-served.

“Us as a fire department will really hinder us in our ability to plan long term for growth and keep up with the needs in our city,” Criner said.

“I support the police and the fire department and I know they need funds but I would definitely like to see the sales tax go to the roads and maintain them,” the resident said.

The Siloam Springs resident that talked to KNWA/FOX24 has lived in Siloam Springs for six years and says she wants to see more attention paid to the roads, which she says have deteriorated.

“The residents and the people that are living here and driving these roads and they need to be heard and they need to be considered in the sales tax.”

November sample ballots are available at the Siloam Springs Fire Department or at the city administration available for the public to know and understand what they are voting for.