FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — The strong winds and rain coming into Northwest Arkansas could be dangerous for your home and property.

Owner of Tree Doctor of Arkansas, Trey Austin Goocher, said residents will want to take a look up at the trees nearby their home.

“The potential danger of limbs being stuck up in trees, that’s the most ideal dangerous circumstance that could happen,” Goocher said.

Goocher said you’ll also want to beware of decaying root systems that could make trees more likely to snap or fall down.

Fayetteville homeowner Steve Erwin said he has a wood stove so he’s always on the lookout for dead branches near his home.

“Try and keep the trees in good shape, all the time and that really helps,” Erwin said.

The recent snow and ice in Northwest Arkansas damaged trees throughout the region, so homeowners are on high alert ahead of the forecasted strong wind.

“We had lots of limbs broken off the redbud and a big limb came off our pine tree and that was about it, but all along the neighborhood you can see downed trees,” Erwin said.

Gina Wilken with State Farm said you’ll also want to be careful of items flying away.

“Make sure you’re securing anything in your backyard or your front yard that could become a projectile, things like lawn chairs, lounge chairs. Trampolines is a big one,” Wilken said.