FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Students at the University of Arkansas have reported finding mold in air vents and showers in their on-campus dorm rooms, and some said they believe it’s taking a toll on their health.

Students said they experience frequent, recurrent cold-like symptoms while in their rooms. As a result, they submitted maintenance requests to have the mold cleaned.

However, the students said that when maintenance arrived, all they did was wipe down air vents without treating the root cause.

As a result, a group of students decided to band together to submit 50 requests in hopes of getting the issue resolved.

Those students said that once they submitted the requests, they noticed specialists walking the dorms to investigate the mold, but in the meantime they’re still staying in the rooms that they fear are causing their health issues.

“I just hope, moving forward, that something can kind of be done. I know, coming up on break there’s going to be an empty building. So, I’m hoping that the university can do something so that when we come back we’re not just continuing this cycle of being unhealthy and sick,” said Lauren West, one of the students living in the affected dorms.

A university spokesperson gave a statement to KNWA/Fox 24 in response that said, “Reports of mold are taken seriously and responded to quickly by University Housing using protocols recommended by the CDC and the University Environmental Health Services. At this time, University Housing has not confirmed any cases of mold. If a student suspects mold is in their living area, they should let University Housing staff know as soon as possible by completing a FIX IT request.”