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Recruiting with Otis Kirk: Strong Start for Some In-State Hog Commits

Fayetteville, AR-

Drew Amman: "Alright back on the Pig Trail. We've got Otis in.  What's up Otis are you doing alright?"

Otis Kirk: "Doing great man. Doing great this week."

Drew Amman: "Recruiting insider who has been on the hops certainly. Been watching a lot of games, writing a lot of articles. Let's begin with a guy who has been getting a lot of pub for good reason. Zach Williams, this guy is a freak. He can get it done on the d-line. A strip sack and fumble recovery from what I saw early in that game for Joe T. Robinson the other night. But what about Zach?"
Otis Kirk: "He is a kid that has got good speed. He plays off the edge. He could be a good outside linebacker if they wanted to play him there. He's about 6-4, 225 right now. He is going to get bigger. But he's got good speed, excellent moves. He's got good quickness. They really tried to neutrilize him the other night. They ran other directions and did some misdirection his way and stuff. Overall he played a good game. I mean he 7 or 8 tackles. Like you said he started the game off and set the Senators up pretty well with he sacked Allen and then got the ball to boot. Looked good. I like him. I like him a lot. I rate him a four star. He is going to be a kid that really helps Arkansas."

Drew Amman: "Yeah again Hog commit Zach Williams. Switching gears let's talk about Warren. The Lumberjacks have Treylon Burks, highly touted as well. But he was highly touted the other night because of his defense. He had 7 tackles in the game."

Otis Kirk: "Yeah he two tackles for loss. He had a pass breakup. He had a fumble on a punt return and Southside got the ball at the five yard line. He personally on that series he had a tackle for loss, about seven yards. Then he broke up a pass over the middle that would have been a touchdown. He broke that up. So Batesville Southside didn't score on that possession. Treylon was so mad he laid on the field for a minute after he fumbled. Even one of the Southside guys was over there checking on him. He was fine. He was mad at himself. He took it on himself to stop them and not allow his fumble to give up any points there."

Drew Amman: "I understand there's a fishing element to Treylon Burks and Marcus Miller. They are pretty pumped about getting here and finding some spots right?"

Otis Kirk: "Yeah they love to fish but they love to play together too. Marcus told me they have playing together since pee wee football in the third grade. They are proud to go to college. They know other kids here but they are going to know one another that way. They will have someone here they know. They are real pumped about all that. Like I've said before Bo has had a lot of receivers down there. A bunch of them have come here. But they haven't turned out the defensive lineman like Marcus Miller. He can play. He had a couple of tackles for loss too Drew. I think he had six tackles if I remember right."

Drew Amman: "We are talking about a tandem that again is coming to Arkansas. A lot to look forward to if you are a Razorback fan when you talk about Treylon Burks and Marcus Miller. Alright Hudson Henry really excited about this kid. Don't know where he is going to go yet. But Arkansas is high on his radar for good reason. We all know about the family history there for the Henry's. Hudson the other night looked really good in a 50-14 victory for PA over Har-Ber. He had 8 catches for 162 yards and two touchdowns. But the catch and go element. That guy gets it and he goes."

Otis Kirk: "Yeah he could have had over 200 easily had he stayed in the game and the game not been a blowout. Hudson on that 54 yard touchdown he had he caught the ball and broke several tackles on the way to the endzone. You know I laughed at Anthony Lucas because Anthony has told me that Hudson could be better than Hunter. I have always said I am going to take the Missouri approach to that and Show Me you know. Because we are talking about a guy that won the Mackey Award and has done it in the NFL. But let me tell you Hudson can play. Whether he is better. I asked him if he gets a lot of comparisons with Hunter. He said yeah. But he takes it as a compliment and he should. You are talking about the two best tight ends. I've seen three really really good out of the state. That is Keith Jackson, DJ Williams and Hunter Henry. Now Hudson is coming along in that alliance too. So I mean you are talking about some good football players."

Drew Amman: "Are you getting any sleep right now writing all these stories?"

Otis Kirk: "No. No I don't need any sleep. Man I just need another story to write."

Drew Amman: "He's got the John Gruden going on. Alright. Otis Kirk. He is Hogville. Check him out. Back with more after this."

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