“Prism was founded actually in a really crazy, cool story.”, says Erin Courtway, owner of Prism Aesthetics. “I was working for a med spa after being a nurse for about 6 years and I was new to injecting. When the pandemic hit in 2020, the job that I had furloughed me and all the other employees, so I um, signed for a nursing travel contract and I went to New York right when it was the epicenter of the pandemic. But while I was there everything was closed, so I was able to save all the money that I made, and when I came back, I found out that my business I worked for, uh was closing permanently, so it kind of was how Prism was born. I started injecting at a small studio, and within a couple of weeks we had outgrown the studio, and within the next month I hired my first nurse injector. I’m known as the rainbow injector, so I wanted to bring light into this industry, and so rainbows and light is a prism, and that’s how I named this place Prism Aesthetics. So at Prism, we believe beauty is for everyone. One of the big things that we pride ourselves in is inclusivity and diversity in the medical aesthetics industry. Here at Prism, our goal is to bring natural aesthetics to Northwest Arkansas, to make you look like a better, refreshed version of yourself, and we like to say that we want everything to be completely undetectable. So no matter um if you’re a man, if you’re a woman, however you identify, every single person is welcome in our doors. So if you want to come to Prism, we would love you to check us out on our website. Also, the best way to book an appointment is either through our website or calling us and one of our lovely client coordinators will get you in our doors and we can set up a consult or an appointment.”