Radiant Eye Care has proudly served the Springdale community since 2019 with a goal to provide sight through relationship and quality eye care, leaving each patient Radiant. “We use the latest technology at Radiant, that way it helps a patient with a good digital lens design”, says Licensed Optician, Erica Kelso.

“We combine that digital lens design with digital measurements to ensure that a patient has a faster, easier adaption, that they have less eyestrain and fatigue. And overall, it helps accommodate the things that they do in the digital lifestyle with looking at a computer, texting, things like that. So you have a full range of vision from one distance to another, very seamlessly and most like your natural vision”, Kelso states.

Radiant Eye Care has curated selection of frames including Mazzucchelli Acetate, German Hinges, and Japanese Titanium. “We have such a wide variety that you can get something very budget friendly all the way to something designer. With measurements, we set ourselves apart with digital custom measurements, so it’s very personalized.”

Kelso relates being an optician with being similar to a pharmacist, “…in that we’re going to verify and ensure the prescription is correct and that it has the proper placement within the lens. That way you can see your very best.”

Radiant Eye Care is located in Springdale, just in front of Har-Ber Meadows, in between Buttered Biscuit and Tacos 4 Life. To schedule an appointment visit radianteyecare.com.