All the things you need for the perfect fall camping trip

by Jordan C Woika September 6, 2023

What do you need for the perfect fall camping trip?

With the record-setting heat of summer slowly starting to give way to fall, it’s time to plan a camping trip you won’t sweat your way through. Once you’ve decided where you’re going, whether it be up in the mountains, in the forest or perhaps by a lake or river, you need to carefully consider your gear list. Camping isn’t like a vacation in the city, after all. If you don’t have what you need when you get there, it could be annoying at best or trip-ruining at worst.

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Fall camping trip gear categories

There’s a breadth of gear, from tents to stoves to chairs, that you need to ensure are included on your packing list for the perfect fall camping experience. Here are the six main categories.

  • Sleeping gear includes your tent and sleeping bag, plus any accessories, such as a fan for warmer nights.
  • Activity gear consists of whatever you want to do on your trip, from fishing to hiking.
  • Relaxing gear helps keep you comfortable while you rest, such as a high-quality camp chair.
  • Cooking gear needs to be made for camping. Outside basic pots and pans, most camp cooking requires its own kind of gear.
  • Clothes cover everything from your daily- and sleepwear to activity gear. Make sure it’s comfortable.
  • Accessories cover everything else, from lighting solutions to fire starters.

Best sleeping gear for fall camping

Gazelle Tents Four-Person Pop-Up Tent

This is the perfect tent for those who don’t camp often because it’s easy to set up and take down. It comes fully assembled. You just need to open it up. Then it folds back down into its bag in about 90 seconds.

Coleman Kids Sleeping Bag

If you’re going camping with your kids, getting them a sleeping bag that’s comfortable is important. They may care more about style. This bag covers both angles. It comes in a lovely blue or pink color and it’s comfortable in temperatures as low as 50 degrees. Of course, it’s machine-washable.

Best activity gear for fall camping

Plusinno Fishing Rod Kit

This gear collection has everything you need to get started if you’re new to fishing, including several lures, hooks and other accessories. It also comes in a two-rod set if you’re camping with someone else.

ToyerBee Telescope

This is an excellent telescope set for people camping in groups since you can connect a phone to it to display what the eye of the telescope is seeing. That way everyone can enjoy the sights at once instead of taking turns.

Best relaxation gear for fall camping

Parkit Movement Voyager Outdoor Chair

A good camping chair is among the most overlooked items. If you’ve ever sat in one with no support or extra features, you understand. This chair has it all, including a built-in cooler that holds up to 15 cans, a cup holder and armrests.

Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammock

Hammocks aren’t for everyone and they can be difficult to set up if the conditions aren’t right, but it’s hard to beat an open-air nap when the weather is beautiful.  It comes in 17 colors and three sizes.

Best cooking gear for fall camping

Gas One Portable Camping Stove

A camping stove is going to do all of your wilderness eating and drinking heavy lifting. Having a reliable and safe stove ensures you can eat more than cold beans out of a can. This one can run on butane or propane.

Stanley The Camp Pour-Over Set

If you can’t wake up in the morning without your coffee, and you can’t stand bad coffee, consider this camping pour-over set. It works like any other pour-over system, but the coffee goes straight into an insulated cup with an included lid.

Best High Camp Flasks Drinking Flask

High Camp Flasks Drinking Flask

There’s hardly a better activity at the end of a camping trip than watching the sunset while enjoying your favorite beverage. If you prefer beverages of the adult variety, grab one of these high-quality flasks for yourself or as a gift.

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Best clothes for fall camping

Best Merrell Moab 3 Hiking Boot

Merrell Moab 3 Hiking Boot

An all-time great pastime of camping is being able to go on hikes that make all the city parks look sad and shabby in comparison. But you have to have the right footwear, like these boots from a trusted brand, or blisters can sour your weekend.

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Best Prepared4X Emergency Rain Poncho

Prepared4X Emergency Rain Poncho

Getting wet and cold without the ability to dry and warm yourself can be a deadly combination. This set of four emergency ponchos has a mylar blanket lining to keep you warm while you get somewhere dry. They’re also excellent for keeping in your car in case of emergency.

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Best accessories for fall camping

Best Outdoor Enlightenment Third Eye Headlamp

Outdoor Enlightenment Third Eye Headlamp

It can get frighteningly dark at night out in the wild, so having strong sources of light is a must. Lanterns are good for camp, but for hiking around in the evening or getting up for a bathroom trip at night, headlamps are king. This one has a gorgeous headband and several useful light settings.

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Best Aofar Fire Starter Two-Pack

Aofar Fire Starter Two-Pack

These offer a safe and dependable way to get a fire started if you’re backpacking. The magnesium gets scraped off to provide an easy start while the included paracord helps feed the new flames consistently.

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Fall camping gear worth checking out

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