While many students and parents have been preparing for the beginning of a new school year for over a decade, determining what you need to head off to college is a different experience.

Instead of a few pencils or folders, you need to consider what appliances will keep students fed and how to stay organized going from one part of campus to the other. Plus, the must-have list differs depending on whether you’re living in a cramped dorm or an apartment off campus. Whether you’re jumping into the school year as a freshman or are a returning student, here’s everything you need before heading off to college.

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Best Daily Planners

With a multitude of classes in various buildings or a work schedule to keep track of, a daily planner is a must-have for all college students. Use the daily section to ensure you know which class you have each day and the weekly area to plan out projects and assignments. Don’t forget about having a self-care section and setting personal goals.

Best Nespresso Machines

It’s no secret that college students love caffeine as soon as they wake up or to keep them from falling asleep while working on an assignment. However, your favorite drink may be hard to find at all hours. If you can’t live without coffee, you’ll want to bring a Nespresso machine when you head off to college.

Best Women’s Slippers

Whether you’re heading down the dorm hall to ask a friend for notes or relaxing in your apartment in between classes, you don’t want to worry about taking shoes on and off. These slippers are not only comfortable but also provide warmth in the winter months or if your roommate likes to keep the air conditioning on full blast.

Best Kindle E-Readers

Thanks to e-readers, college students no longer suffer back pain from carrying heavy textbooks. They can hold your favorite suspense book so you can catch up after class and your history textbook. The glare-free screen is perfect for reading outdoors, and you can also get a waterproof model that protects against splashes and spills.