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How to choose an iPad wall mount

Tablets are popular gadgets for those who want the ease of a mobile phone but the computing power and larger display of a laptop. Apple’s iPad is one of the bestselling tablets globally, with almost 500 million sold by the end of 2020.

While most users walk around with their iPad in their hands or backpack, some prefer to mount it on a wall. This makes it easier to control home automation through Apple’s HomeKit or Google Home.  


The term “iPad” is relatively generic when shopping for accessories. There are several models with different thicknesses and sizes, so picking up a wall mount isn’t universal across all devices.

That’s why it’s critical that you look for a wall mount that perfectly keeps your iPad where you intended. At a slight angle, even the tiniest gap in the mount’s grip can cause the iPad to slowly slip out. However, that also depends on the mount’s structure. It shouldn’t be a concern if the mount is a fully enclosed system, but you run the risk of damage if it’s held by plastic clamps. 

The wall mount’s grip

Another consideration is how the wall mount holds on to the iPad. Here you have several choices, ranging from two plastic grips with springs and fully enclosed covers to dock-style mounts where you slide the iPad inside.

While it mainly comes down to preference, there’s a reason for the different methods. For example, a fully enclosed system is best for an iPad used by many people. It remains firmly on the wall, and users just need to press the buttons. 

But for a bit more versatility, you might want to mount your iPad on an adjustable spring-loaded arm next to your bed. This makes it easier to read books or use apps, as you can move it into the right position. When you’re done, you slide it out of the way so that it sits flush on the wall. On other occasions, you want to walk around with the iPad but slot it back into place against the wall — and there is a mount for that, too.  

Best iPad wall mounts

Best Elago Tablet Wall Mount Compatible with New iPad Mini

Elago Tablet Wall Mount Compatible with New iPad Mini

This wall mount is convenient if you have several iPads or tablets in different sizes. It uses two grips with a slot, so you just push the tablet into the mount. The holder sits just over a quarter of an inch away from the wall, so there is enough space to neatly tuck the cables away.

Sold by Amazon

Best Tabcare Anti-Theft Acrylic VESA Enclosure for Apple iPad

Tabcare Anti-Theft Acrylic VESA Enclosure for Apple iPad

If the iPad is in a public place, this wall mount ensures that it stays where it belongs. The rugged steel enclosure attaches to the wall with six screws and there is an opening to slot in the tablet. Once in place, it’s incredibly difficult to remove the tablet without the correct tools.

Sold by Amazon

Best AboveTek iPad Wall Mount

AboveTek iPad Wall Mount

An easy solution for mounting your tablet, the holder’s pedestal is secured by three screws. Attached to that is a short swivel arm that holds the iPad in place. It can rotate to view the tablet in different orientations.

Sold by Amazon

Best Arkon Heavy-Duty Tablet Holder

Arkon Heavy-Duty Tablet Holder

If you need a solid mount with mobility, this metal holder is perfect. The base secures to a wall through four screws, which keeps the two-piece adjustable arm in place. The holder has four fingers to grip the tablet and can expand depending on the iPad’s size.

Sold by Amazon

Best Dockem Koala Wall Mount 2.0

Dockem Koala Wall Mount 2.0

This mount is an elegant way to mount your tablet while making it accessible. Two simple hooks keep the tablet securely in place while the cut-outs are perfect for neat cable management. Since they can’t expand to the iPad’s size by default, the wall mount includes four differently sized spacers to create some extra room.

Sold by Amazon

Best StarTech Secure Tablet Enclosure Wall Mount

StarTech Secure Tablet Enclosure Wall Mount

This is good if you need to lock down your iPad in a public space. The metal case is mountable on a wall or table through several screws, and the tablet slides into the lockable slot. It is designed for 9.7-inch iPads or other tablets of similar size. 

Sold by Amazon

Best CTA Multi-Flex Tablet Stand and Wall Mount

CTA Multi-Flex Tablet Stand and Wall Mount

If you want to make your iPad accessible in the kitchen or bedroom, this flexible mount is great. Its metal arm can move in all directions, and there are two padded clips to keep the iPad firmly in place. The amazing thing about this mount is that the arm can detach to form two legs so that it doubles up as a tablet stand, too. 

Sold by Amazon

Best Bentley Mounts Universal Tablet Wall Mount

Bentley Mounts Universal Tablet Wall Mount

This easy-to-use mount has a metal arm with diagonal clips to secure the iPad from the corners. It can swivel and rotate in all directions and supports tablets from 2.2 inches to 11 inches.

Sold by Amazon

Best CTA Wall Mount for iPad Mini with 360-Degree Rotation

CTA Wall Mount for iPad Mini with 360-Degree Rotation

This articulated mount is perfect for the smaller iPad Mini. It has two grips in the corners of the iPad and a solid backplate with a soft lining to prevent scratches. When mounted through three screws, the holder can rotate while the arm has three swivel points. It can’t move up or down.

Sold by Amazon 

Best Durable Store Tablet Holder Wall Mount

Durable Store Tablet Holder Wall Mount

Compatible with iPads up to 13 inches, this mountable wall arm can extend up to 14.4 inches from the wall. It has one solid holder with slots that firmly grips the iPad, has three articulation points, and can rotate 360 degrees.

Sold by Amazon


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