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Which display case for Funko Pop is best?

Funko Pops are some of the cutest collectibles. With hundreds of options available, fans often have very large collections. You need a display case for your Funko Pops to show off your collection proudly. No matter what type of case you choose, your figures will be safe and clean, and you can enjoy looking at them displayed around your home. If you’re looking for a Funko Pop display case that is sturdy and beautiful, then the Display Gifts Solid Beechwood Display Case Cabinet is the one for you.

What to know before you buy a display case for Funko Pop

Official Funko Pop display cases

Funko makes display cases specifically made for their Funko Pops. They sell a long black case that holds eight Funko Pop figures in or out of their boxes. You’ll know it’s official by the crown logo on the side. They also have official Pop protectors for your Pops in their boxes.


The display case size depends on the size of the Funko Pop figures you want to display. Most Pops are about 4-inches tall, but some “big-in-box” toys are 5 inches to 6 inches. Super Pops are 6 inches tall, Jumbo Pops are 10 inches tall and Mega Pops are 18-inches tall. There are also tiny 1-inch to 2-inch Pocket Pops and Mystery Mini Pops are about 2.5-inches tall. Pop Buddies come with mini companion figures. Pop Deluxe, Game Cover, Album Cover, Rides, Trains, Town and Moment figures are much wider because they have more scenery or characters than regular Funkos. The “Frozen” and “Harry Potter” series, for example, have characters of varying sizes, so you will have to consider that when you choose a display case for your Funko Pops.

Another important consideration when you pick a case based on size is how many figures you plan to display in it. The more characters you choose, the larger the case will have to be.

Funko Pops in or out of box

Some collectors feel that Funko Pop boxes are as important as the figures themselves. In fact, Pops aren’t considered to be in mint condition unless their boxes are perfect. You can find display cases made of clear plastic that protect your Pop while on display. You can also find cases that store multiple boxes. You may also want to take your Pops out of their boxes and display them in the same cases, but there will be more space between each figure without the boxes.


Some display cases place Pops next to each other, while others have rows that display them above and below each other. Some cases have platforms to place the Pops in rows without blocking each other. Some have individual compartments to separate them, and others allow you to display them all on the same shelf.

What to look for in a quality display case for Funko Pop

Tabletop or wall hanging

You can place Funko Pop display cases on a table, and you can hang some on the wall. Some give you both options. Your preference for home decor and the amount of space in your house will help you make your decision.


You can find display cases with frames made of wood or plastic. Some are even made of heavy cardboard. Depending on the style of the room and the Pops themselves, you can choose which material suits you best. Clear plastic cases allow you to see all sides of the Pop, while wooden cases will only display the figures’ fronts and sometimes the sides. If the case closes and has windows, it may be plastic or glass.

Adjustable shelves

Some cases have adjustable shelves that make displaying the Pops convenient when you have ones of varying sizes. These cases are more versatile because you can simply move or remove shelves if you switch to different-sized Pops.

Closed or open

Some display cases have doors that keep your collection safe from dust. These are like cabinets and will have plastic or glass windows to protect the display. Some are made like a box, with a clear lid that you can lift off. Cases with open shelves will give you easy access to your Funko Pops but will not protect them from dust or curious hands who might decide to pick them up.

UV Protection

The official Funko pop protectors offer UV protection for your boxes, protecting colors from fading. These clear boxes allow you to see all sides of the box.


Funko sells foldable pop protectors for easy storage. When you display your boxes in them, you can see all sides because they are clear. 

Multiple packs

Some single Funko Pop cases come in packs with more than one, so you can display many Pops.

How much you can expect to spend on a display case for Funko Pop

Depending on the size and materials, you can expect to spend $10-$110 on a display case for Funko Pops. Plastic cases are much less expensive than wood ones. 

Display case for Funko Pop FAQ

How do you mount a display case to a wall?

A. Depending on the weight, you can mount a display case with a nail or Command hook. You must be very careful to read all of the directions that come with the display case to avoid a disaster of it crashing to the floor. Keep in mind that it will be much heavier once you fill it up with your Funko Pops.

Do any display cases have locks?

A. Yes. If you want to keep your collection extra safe, you can find display cases with locks and keys to keep prying hands out.

What are the best display cases for Funko Pop to buy?

Top display case for Funko Pop

Display Gifts Solid Beechwood Display Case Cabinet

Display Gifts Solid Beechwood Display Case Cabinet

What you need to know: This solid beechwood case with a black finish has four shelves with space for Funko Pops up to 4.5 inches. 

What you’ll love: The top shelf is removable to make more space. The glass door closes with brass hinges to keep your figures safe and free of dust. There are brass wall brackets for hanging. The overall dimensions are 17.75-inches high by 21.625-inches wide by 3.5-inches deep.

What you should consider: Funko Pops in their boxes will not fit in this display case.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top display case for Funko Pop for money

Funko Pop 5-Pack Foldable Pop Protector Cases

Funko Pop 5-Pack Foldable Pop Protector Cases

What you need to know: This five-pack of clear plastic foldable protective cases is an official Funko product.

What you’ll love: The cases fit all standard size Funko Pop figures in their original boxes. The lid opens easily so you can place the Pop inside. The completely clear case allows you to see all sides of the box. You can fold them up for easy storage.

What you should consider: These cases are not as sturdy as other cases because of the folding feature.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Black Cardboard Classic Display Case

Black Cardboard Classic Display Case

What you need to know: This three-row display case is made from recycled black corrugated cardboard and is ideal for displaying 4-inch Funko Pops.

What you’ll love: The display cases are stackable and wall mountable. The dimensions are 21.75-inches high by 21.25-inches wide by 7.5-inches deep. They fit four per row if you keep the Pops in their boxes and five per row if you use the box as a backdrop. You can even place some Funko Pops on the very top of the case.

What you should consider: This display case has no door, so you cannot protect your Funko Pops from dust.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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