LEFLORE, Okla. (KNWA/KFTA) — The couple accused of removing the testicles of a willing 28-year-old Virginia man made their initial court appearance.

Thomas Evans Gates, 42, and Bob Lee Allen, 53, entered not guilty pleas in LeFlore County District Court in Oklahoma, on Friday, October 23.

On Monday, October 26, the men were assigned public defenders, per a court affidavit. Rob Cowan for Gates and Douglas Schmuck for Allen.

The castration went awry and the participant ended up in a hospital because he was hemorrhaging. The victim told hospital personnel he came to Oklahoma to have his testicles removed and mentioned “cannibalism.”

McAlester Regional Hospital called the LeFlore County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) on Wednesday, October 14, repeating what the victim told them about — castration and cannibalism.

A court affidavit states, the Virginia man met Allen on a eunuch website. The victim said he was searching “castrations” and came across Allen and agreed to the surgery after Allen said it would be, “free.”

On October 11, the man flew from Virginia to Texas where a man, who identified himself as Allen, picked him up from the airport and they drove to the man’s home in Wister, Oklahoma, according to the affidavit.

On Monday, Allen neutered the Virginia man. Allen told the man he had 15 years of experience, “was going to consume the parts,” and invited the victim to participate, per the court document.

The next day the victim woke up to a bloodied bed and asked Allen to take him to the hospital. Allen eventually agreed but instructed the man to say, “he did it to himself,” if asked by hospital staff.

McAlester police learned that Allen and Thomas went to the hospital to visit the victim and that’s where police took the men into custody. While that was happening, LCSO legally searched the men’s home in Wister, gathered evidence, and then went to the police station to make the arrests.

The case is set for a preliminary hearing for November 5, 2020 at 1 p.m., according to court documents.

The men are being held on nearly $300,000 bond each.

Gates and Allen were married on September 22, 2020. “I got merried [sic] to may partner Bobby Allen. I love him so much,” Gates posted on his Facebook page.

Bobby Lee Allen


  • Conspiracy to commit unlicensed surgery
  • Unlicensed surgery
  • Maiming
  • Unlawful use of communication facility
Thomas Gates


  • Conspiracy to commit unlicensed surgery
  • Unlicensed surgery
  • Maiming
  • Unlawful use of a communication facility
  • Distribution of controlled substances/possession with intent to distribute
  • Assault/Battery with a dangerous weapon
  • Failure to bury a dead human member
  • Possession of controlled dangerous substance
  • Unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia