CLARKSVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — The Clarksville Police Department issued a press release on September 13 after investigating multiple potential school threats.

According to the release, the department and the Clarksville School District (CSD) received “several reports of a school threat being circulated on various social media platforms.” The release notes that one post included information that had been “sent out by an unknown school district.”

That post mentioned a threat written on a wall inside a female restroom. The alleged threat was to be carried out on September 13 and said that law enforcement was “investigating the incident.” It also told parents to “check Facebook.”

Clarksville police contacted the person, who also made a second post advising of “a possible threat being carried out at a school.” That individual received the information from a third party and “was trying [to] make students aware of the threat.”

Clarksville Police added the following to the statement:

If you are made aware of any threats or concerning information, immediately report these safety concerns to Local Law enforcement, a SRO, a teacher, an administrator, or other trusted adult as opposed to sharing rumors of school violence at school or social media.

Clarksville Police Department, September 13

The entire police statement was also included in a social media post.