FORT SMITH, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Fort Smith will be using the power of propane to get some kids to and from school this fall. 

The district was awarded a clean fuel grant this year that covered about two-thirds of the cost for three new, propane-fueled school buses. 

Fort Smith director of transportation Dennis Siebenmorgen says he’s optimistic about the buses’ performance and the positive impact the lower emissions could have on the city’s air quality.

“We anticipate similar fuel mileage as our gasoline buses. and we really think that they’re going to help the environment, it’s our one step for our community to help keep it clean.” 

Siebenmorgen says there’s another federal grant available for clean energy initiatives and if the school board signs off, he reportedly plans to apply and add more propane buses to the district’s fleet.