Web extra: Rugby vs. football

Going for the Gold 2016

Most Americans are familiar with the extremely popular sport of football, but in the Olympics, the world plays a somewhat similar game in rugby.

Carlin Isles, a former Detroit Lion and considered the “fastest man in rugby,” compares rugby versus professional football.

“Football and rugby is a lot different. Even, I just think…with the NFL for a little bit, besides the meetings being really long, the training, man, for rugby is so so vigorous, man. The mental aspect, the physical aspect of it, like you really push your body past your limits mentally and physically,” Isles said. “And you really have to be in tune with the mind because your body will be like, ‘man I can’t do it.’ And there’s be a lot of times where I doubt what happened. And it’ll pop into your mind, ‘I can’t go one more.’ But you have to be able to push that and be aware. So for me, man, when I look outside in for rugby training, I don’t know how I do it because it’s, it’s crazy. And the things that we go through and put our bodies through, I’m telling you, you’ll be amazed.”

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