Allergy season is in full swing and while you’re singing the allergy blues, chances are your furry friends are as well. Dr. Katelyn Lang of the Animal Hospital of Bentonville has some information to help you find relief. “With the summertime, it’s a very common thing that I see in the office. People come in and say that their dogs are itching, scratching, licking their feet, having some ear infections, and even everything down to anal gland infections as well.”

Dr. Lang states that those are very common signs of allergies in dogs. “We have three main components to allergies we look at in dogs such as fleas, food, and seasonal allergies. The one that I will cover today is seasonal. Most common with the grass pollens being as high as they are, dogs have some allergies just like we do.”

Allergy medications for dogs are available through your veterinary clinic. “There are pills and injections. Anything from Benadryl can be effective to a veterinary grade allergy medication. If you feel like your dogs are exhibiting any of the signs that I mentioned before, which should be licking paws, scratching, ear infections, please give your veterinarian or me and Rufus (her dog) a call. We’d love to see you here at the Animal Hospital of Bentonville.

Animal Hospital of Bentonville has been serving pets in NWA since 2020. If you are interested in making an appointment for you pet visit their website or give them a call at 479-364-0340.