A chance for a better life and bigger goals has always been a piece of the fabric of the American Dream. But being part of a dream can be incredibly difficult for a lot of Americans, especially for single parents in the state of Arkansas. The natural state has the third highest child poverty in the country, with 90% of its single mothers not having a bachelor’s degree. These stats are dire but there is a ray of hope and it’s all in the form of the Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Northwest Arkansas.

Founded in 1984, the Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Northwest Arkansas has been there to help single parents become more financially sound and independent by providing direct financial help to these low-income families. In addition to that, every year they award scholarships to key single parents who are actively working to better both their education and future careers. The message behind this organization is bigger than just helping single parents with their education since their work is ultimately helping these vulnerable families break out of the poverty cycle.

Words like community can ring hollow in some bergs, but with having a nonprofit like the Single Parent Scholarship Fund right here in Northwest Arkansas, this region is fundamentally stronger for having them within it. The hardworking individuals behind the SPSF prove that there is a new part of the American dream and that is helping to build up those that need it. After all, we are all in this together.

For more information about The Single Parent Scholarship Fund, visit their website https://www.spsfnwa.org/