Dr. Jeff Rhodes CEO and Chief Smile Officer of Smile Shoppe, special interests lie in the growth and development of children’s smiles. He is passionate about ensuring children receive education on how to have healthy, beautiful smiles for life.

Dr Rhodes explains the Smile Shoppe difference, “So at Smile Shoppe we are specialists pediatric dentists.  We’re general dentists who have then gone to an additional two years of training in order to specialize on working with just children.  So, we have a little more understanding about the growth and development of children, how to work with nervous kids.”

Smile Shoppe has the only board certified pediatric dental group in Northwest Arkansas. Dr Rhodes exaplains, “We’ve been trained in sedation hospital dentistry.  We’ve very familiar in working with kids with different illnesses; autism, heart problems, all kinds of problems.  We’re very comfortable working with sick kids, and so, as pediatric dentists we’re really the pediatricians of dentistry.”

So, when Smile Shoppe was launched, the idea was that we had an opportunity to impact the lives of children and our vehicle is through dentistry.  So, we’re very good at the dental part.  We understand how to treat and diagnose and work with nervous kids, but we look beyond just teeth.

We look to really the smile.  We want kids to smile from the inside out.  We want them to have a pretty smile that they want to use.  We want to put the child’s needs first.  Maybe that day, a kid’s coming in for a filling, he doesn’t need to get the filling done.  Maybe he’s having a rough day, and so we need to have the wherewithal to stop our plan and find out what program the kid needs us to be on because we’re not trying to fix today’s tooth, we’re trying to grow a mature, happy, smiling adult.

So, for us at Smile Shoppe, just teeth, you know, that’s OK, but really having a smile that you want to use, that’s beautiful, that’s what we’re after.”


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