The Superhero Power of Kindness

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“My job as the Chief Smile Officer is to make my dentists heroes. To make my staff heroes. To help my patients learn to be heroes.” Dr. Jeff Rhodes is the CEO and Chief Smile Officer of Smile Shoppe. He says that being a superhero doesn’t have to be hard.

“What makes somebody a hero? They’ve got an extraordinary power and they know how to use it. So our superhero power, kindness, really can make you a hero. It can really set you apart in the world because we don’t always see kindness. We don’t always see people who are laughing. We don’t always see people who are trying to live with integrity and honesty and give their very best every day. I’m not saying that doesn’t happen. I’m just saying if we focus on it, maybe we can cause it to happen more. “

Smile Shoppe has adopted a set of core values to help doctors, staff, and patients develop superhero power of Kindness and Integrity.

“So the core values that we have selected that really come from just our world view of how people should treat each other. And it goes to patients. That goes to the staff. That goes to all the parents that come in, vendors, anybody. We want to behave in a certain way and we want to be a role model any way that we can. And the core values that we picked, we think are something that each of us should do for one another. And so we like to highlight those and begin to discuss those more in our practice so that we can maybe elevate the level of kindness with one another. Or the level of honesty with one another. The level of relatedness to one another. An so we talk about these as a company value, but we are taking steps now to begin to live those out and discuss those and to let them grow beyond just stickers on a wall.”

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