“So the optimal age for a first visit is age 1 and I know a lot of parents think that is really young.” Jeff Rhodes DDS, MS is a pediatric dentist and the Chief Smile Officer of Smile Shoppe Pediatric Dentistry. He says that the first visit is very important.

“At that age 1 visit, we’re able to go over with the parent, ways to keep their child cavity-free. We go over toothbrushing instructions. We do a thorough examination. One of the most important things is that we create a relationship called a dental home. What a dental home is, that’s a place that you call home for your dental needs. So if a kid has an emergency, a kid has a problem, they’ve got their relationship already established.”

“Age 1 is important because there are not very many teeth and we get to begin to involve the parent in our philosophy of oral health care at an age before a lot of things can go wrong. And statistics show and we really believe that the age 1 visit prevents a lot of cavities with kids. “

“One of the saddest things you see in pediatric dentistry sometimes when children wait until age three or later when they come in they’ve got a mouth full of cavities and sometimes we end up in the operating room even taking teeth out. So if we can do anything possible to avoid that, we’d like to do that. And what that looks like is having a visit before all the teeth are in and they have a chance to get cavities. So the one-year-old visit is very important to us. “

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