SPRINGDALE, AR – “Honestly, one of the things I love about pediatric dentistry is getting to moms, to first time moms, moms of infants; to helping them learn and learn things to take care of their kids teeth that they just really didn’t know was something they needed to be doing. ” Amanda Hankins, DDS is the pediatric dentist at Smile Shoppe in Springdale. She says that taking care of baby teeth is just as important as taking care of permanent ones that come in later.

“My favorite tip to give to someone is to start brushing your teeth as soon as you see them. As soon as the first tooth comes in to their mouth, we want a toothbrush touching it every night before bed. And that means after the last feeding, after the last milk, whatever it is that that child is having before they go to sleep. “

“If you start those kinds of habits young, it makes toddler-hood a lot easier. Introducing brushing later in life, sometimes we wait until three, until they have all the teeth because we think that they don’t need to brush them until they’re all there, or there’s back teeth, but that’s actually not what’s going to make your life easier. Even as a parent, getting the brushing job done early will help make things easier and the child adapt as they’re growing.”

Another good advice as far as taking care of your kids teeth: Snacking. ” Snacking is something that’s common for all age kids, and what we snack on makes a big difference in teeth, especially in the rate that we can form cavities.”

” So big snacks to promote: cheese, yogurt, fruits and vegetables, obviously, nuts are also great. “

“Crackers, even if they’re low in sugar, they still turn into the same carbohydrates that can be digested like sugars and those can be made into cavities. So limit those types of snacks to meal times, and during the day, let’s have healthier options like cheeses and yogurts, fruits, vegetables and nuts.”

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