Winners chosen for the Hershey Share S’mores Memories Contest


Congratulations to the winners of the Hershey’s Share S’mores Memories Contest and thanks to everyone who entered! Here are the winners:

Honeymoon S’mores

Submitted by Abby Schroeder of Siloam Springs

When your honeymoon vacation gets cancelled, go to Colorado. When you finish eating dinner, eat a s’more. Life is good for the Schroeders!

Jett and I just got married during on May 01 and left for our honeymoon right after. Our wedding and honeymoon both looked a lot different than we had originally planned, but we were able to look at the changes with excitement. Instead of a chapel filled with 300 people, we would have our immediate families, and that was really special to us. Instead of going to a tropical island, we made a trip to Colorado that we had always talked about in dating. While in Colorado, we went camping in the mountains. It was warm in the day, but freezing in the evenings. The first night, Jett pulled out the s’mores supplies and I lit up with excitement. We stood next to one another laughing and talking while making our s’mores and let me tell you, one can learn a lot about a person when you make s’mores together. For example, roasted marshmallow or burnt marshmallow? How much of the Hershey’s bar do they like? I like 2 squares and he likes the entire half per s’more. Do you try to eat it cleanly or do you go all in? S’mores bring people together and we’re the best surprise on our honeymoon.

Baby’s 1st S’more

Submitted by Elsie Lake of Cave Springs

Making memories around a campfire is one of our family’s favorite pastimes, and having a s’more is part of that special ritual. Our daughter recently turned one, and she thoroughly enjoyed her first s’more (maybe because I ate many during the camping trip we took when I was expecting her?)!

Our family has spent lots of time together outside during this period of physical distancing! We’ve loved going on walks, hikes, playing in our yard, eating meals outside and of course sitting around our fire pit with tasty s’mores in hand!

Corgi S’mores

Submitted by Emilie Czarnikow of Bentonville

You sharing that with me?

We have been spending quality time outside using our fire pit to roast hot dogs and s’mores. Nothing better than quarantined family time outside. We love s’mores!

Sweet Memories

Submitted by Jennifer Victory of Alma

This was actually 5 years ago with my {then} boyfriend {now} husband and our amazing nephews. The smallest one in the red has cystic fibrosis, so we haven’t got to see the kiddos much during this pandemic trying to keep them safe. They’re a little more grown up now, and have moved to Texas with their mom and step dad. These kids mean so much to my husband and I. We love and miss them so much, and cherish little moments like this. We can’t wait for them to come back to Arkansas to visit and make some more •SWEET• memories.

This is a •SWEET• memory we have made. This picture is of my {then} boyfriend, {now} husband exactly 5 years ago. The youngest in red has cystic fibrosis, so we have had to keep our distance in hopes to keep all of the babies healthy and virus free. We are hoping that this pandemic is over soon, so that we can recreate this picture and make some more memories, and include their little sister in the next picture!

Camp S’mores

Submitted by Jodie Gardisser of Springdale

Messy S’mores are the best S’mores!

Our family enjoys being outdoors more than anything, so we find ourselves making traditional firepit s’mores that are the absolute best!

Solar S’mores Family Activity

Submitted by Kevin Rudulph of Bentonville

Sunny afternoon craft with the family, Solar Smores!

We used some tin foil, a cardboard box and the power of the sun to make Solar Smores!

S’mores Saturday

Submitted by Kristi McKown of Springdale

#SmoresSaturday Bentonville, AR
Why 3 bags of marshmallows? Online grocery shopping mishap! We ordered the Jet Puff giant squares for s’mores & they were substituted for these but we still ended up with the ones we ordered the following day. I just had to laugh!

I have enjoyed doing little things for my family during this season! Working from home + online school for a high school senior! We love s’mores & when I saw that s’mores Saturday was a “thing”, I didn’t hesitate to order our supplies via online grocery shopping!! We love our fire pit & back porch time is the best!

Jagger and Joe BFF

Submitted by Lenna Harmon of Lowell

Jagger and Joe boys will be boys

The boys are best friends, they love Cook-Out and s’mores

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