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Let me describe my living room for you. 

Our TV is mounded on the wall, plugged into a JBL sound bar, and framed by two tall bookshelves with photos, succulents and candles scattered on each shelve. Directly across from our TV is the couch, where, if you are sitting on either end you can pull a handle and prop up your feet. To the left is a loveseat. To the right, a chair (and the scattered baby toys that now have populated my house). I can sit here in comfort with the AppleTV remote in one hand, a drink in the other, and when I’m hungry or need a refill, my fridge is only a few steps away. 

I don’t tell you all of this to say “look at me and what I have.” I tell you this because I want to paint a picture. I also have a feeling my living room isn’t much different from anyone else’s, which gets me to my point. 

Who would leave this comfortable spot?

In the world we live in with Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, HBO, Amazon Prime, or whatever your TV fancy may be, there is no reason anymore not to access everything with a click of a remote. 

It’s why movie theater companies across the country are acting fast to renovate their theaters with reclining chairs, full menus, wait service and bars. People need reasons to go to the theater. 

Just like more and more fans are needing reasons to come to a game and watch in person than in the comfort of their own home. I’m not talking about fans who have to factor in airplane and hotel costs. I’m talking about those who have the luxury of asking themselves before game day, “Do I want to go to the game or not?”

I’m sure most have thought that very question, and I think it’s why colleges like Arkansas are working diligently to try make sure the answer is always “yes.”

“I was part of helping design and renovate a facility at the University of Houston that will open up this winter for their basketball season, and one of pieces in the club level are those exact movie theater style seats in a basketball venue,” says Arkansas Director of Athletics Hunter Yurachek, “That’s what the kind of amenities that the generation that’s coming behind us and fans that, you’ve got to do some special things. All the games are on television. You’ve got to do some special and unique things that fans don’t have a reason not to come to your venue your programs.”

Ding, ding, ding. Yurachek for the win!

You have to give people what they want in order for them to come and spend money. 

$140 million were spent on the new north endzone at Razorback Stadium complete with luxury and comfort from floor to ceiling. Bud Walton, Baum Stadium, both venues will start to get premium seating and upgrades that will get fans to games. 

I think it’s crazy how technology works. I remember watching games with my dad growing up and him telling me how he used to watch games before the scoreboard graphic in the corner was permanently there. Oh, the horror of having to wait around if you didn’t know what the score was. He made it seem pretty tragic. 

Then we moved into having multiple games on, and you could possibly watch your team if they were one of the games picked up. Then they added a few more, then a few more. 

Now we have every game you could think of at our finger tips, any time we want, live or on replay in the comfort of our house on our TV, and phone, and tablet all at once. 

We also have games in person at the stadium. You just have to get there, and they are working hard to get you there. All while making you feel a little more at home. 

Yea, I think it’s pretty crazy. 

Now only if they could put those reclining chairs in the press box. Wishful thinking? 

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