Countdown to the NFL Draft: Catching up with Former Hog Dre Greenlaw


Drew Amman

Alright back on the show talking with Former Hog Linebacker Dre Greenlaw, that’s weird for me to see.  Former Razorback Dre Greenlaw, but it’s been a minute.

Want to go back to SEC Media Days, kind of cool for me to talk to you on the leadup to the Draft because it’s gonna be later this week Thursday through Saturday in Nashville, but I was there SEC Media Days, you were rockin’ some cool red shoes, but tell me about your style you were bringing

some swag that day.

Dre Greenlaw Definitely it was a big media day and I know a lot of guys you know, of course, Coach said wear your suit and look good, and I had a friend who makes his own shoes and kinda got in touch with him and I was like hey man, saw a pair I really like, can I wear those to SEC Media Days. 


Big day in Atlanta.

As for Jerry Jones, Owner of the Cowboys, Former Razorback, pretty cool for  you to have a discussion with him. 

Dre Greenlaw

That was cool, had a chance to go down to Dallas and work out in the practice facility and that was at MJP looking out the glass window kinda saw us a little bit doing workouts and stuff. But, when I went to Dallas for the other visit, got to talk to Jerry Jones and he saw me and said let’s go talk. It was cool, there were seven or eight players over there but he came to me and said let’s go talk, everybody was still in the room and we went to the side and talked for about an hour and talked about being a Razorback, what it means. He talked about all the games he came to and it was definitely a special 

conversation, one of the most special conversations I ever had with somebody because it would be a dream come true to say hey I’m a Cowboy, have that star on my helmet. But for him to come out and say he wants me to be a Cowboy, it was a special conversation.


Kind of an eye opener,  you know, he walks through that door, has that aura, it’s Jerry Jones.

I want you to put your analyst cap on, and tell us, what are your best attributes that you could bring to an NFL Team?


As an analyst like you say, I see myself taking great angles to the ball, picking up defenses, and  you know I’ve had three different coordinators

in the last three or four years so I’m able to pick up defenses just fine and understand the scheme. My work ethic also, I’ve always had a lot of people doubt me through my journey, but my work ethic just shows otherwise and I know I’ll continue to work and progress until I get it down.


Your Freshman year you led all freshmen in tackles and turned into a Freshman All-American. You go back to that you say, okay, great start, guys went eight and five that year, then moving forward you get all of these injuries. You keep having to bounce back over and over and over again.


Explains my life really. I’ve had a lot of times in my life when I’ve been knocked down before but I think these last four years showed the kind of person I am. Broke my foot twice in one year. But I never allowed anything to hold me down. As long as I got God on my side and as long as I’m working, to get what I want, I feel like I can achieve.


Brian Early who adopted you, his Family adopted you, you went through that process and talked to us about that, but what’s it like being part of that

family now.


I definitely have two families, but they are the family that I call on, and if I need anything, anybody to talk to, they’ve done so much for me. I’ve created a bond with them and a connection and I’m able to just tell them how I feel, just as if they were my real parents. It has been something special and its been from ninth grade even eighth grade when I came to live in a group home, and ninth grade year he asked me if I wanted to be part of his family.


He has a nice gig now as the D-Line coach at Houston.

Where you gonna watch the Draft.


I’ll be in Houston, will have a few more family members out there. 


Dre Greenlaw getting set for the NFL Draft Thursday through Saturday in Nashville.

Back with more after this.


Thank you, Go Hogs!

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