Counting Down to National Signing Day: Get the Latest from Recruiting Insider Otis Kirk


The Hogs signed 21 in the Early Signing Period and the outlook is good for a strong National Signing Day Feb. 6th.

Here’s the transcription with the latest from Otis Kirk:

Fayetteville, AR-

What’s up? We’re back talking recruiting with our
insider Otis Kirk, National Signing Day Wednesday,
let’s run down the list of guys like Lakia Henry,
we’ll talk about Chris Russell later in this segment,
but first, Henry, on an unofficial, I know Arkansas
has really been on this recruit.
Otis Kirk Down to Arkansas Texas and Ole Miss. Feel good about Arkansas’ chances to get him. I think they are gonna get him, it’s down to the Hogs, Texas and
Ole Miss, feel good about Arkansas’ chances there,
he is a kid that can come in and plug right next
to De’jon Harris, give you instant support,
you know you lose an older linebacker but
come in with a guy like Lakia who can plug in next
to Scoota, then you got Bumper and those guys
to back them up and Florida State came in and tried
 to get him and he was once committed to Tennessee,
In fact he was committed to UT when he was here
for the LSU game on an official,
feel good about that.
Tell me about Adonis Otey
now down to Arkansas and USC.
Another one that probably is down to a toss up there, a source told me it is probably a toss up and another source
tells me he really likes Arkansas but someone
around him is telling him it should be USC, sort of a
tug of war there.
He’s got his friend over there, Trey Knox here at Arkansas, high school teammate, Murfreesboro
Blackman and Arkansas is in pretty good shape there and that is one that can go either way. Last 72 hours give or take this can go in a lot of directions, and even last year lots of people thought Andrew Parker
was going to Texas and so you just never know
even that morning.
A’Montae Spivey has been committed to the Razorbacks and tell me where he is with his process.
Morris, Traylor and Craddock did an in home visit
with him Friday,
and he was at Ole Miss previous weekend,
and I feel reasonably good about Arkansas getting him.
It’s important to. People say why do you need him so badly. Well you have three seniors and a junior and
with Maleek Williams leaving, interesting
where you are with underclassmen and upperclassmen.
Running backs get hurt, every one of those guys
in the program has been hurt.
How do you feel about Russell? Kid that has been tight-lipped about his decision due to the town where he is from.
Yeah it looks like Texas A&M is where he is leaning.
I said that he would visit Tennessee,
he canceled that and now after he was quoted saying
that it looks like A&M is the frontrunner.
Let’s look at prospect day number two, you are coming off of that, and some of the guys there. Donovan Johnson
clearly a good tight end.
He and his Jerand Bradley his buddy were
here yesterday from Plano Texas and
they both are from a  newer high school.
Both very impressed by Arkansas.
Johnson is 2020, Bradley 2021.
Those kids both have offers to other schools
and Arkansas has offered them, and
that was after they went up to see them last week, then got them down here.
Otis I know you’ll continue to work, that’s
what you do and we wanna get you a breather at some
point, you have been doing a great job on Hogville
and coming up, Kevin McPherson
Hoops Insider after this on the pig trail.

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