Exclusive with Collin Clay, Part Two: Newcomer Demonstrates Leadership Qualities


Defensive End Collin Clay Can Inspire a Team

Oklahoma City, OK-

In part two of our exclusive with Collin Clay, the Defensive End from OKC opens up more and more about his background as a leader, how he uses social media to stay in touch with Razorback Connections, and why he thinks Chad Morris is the guy to help Arkansas climb the ladder in the SEC.

This is part of our Q and A with the Hog Newcomer:

(Collin Clay)

Just me being quiet in football is not me. I may be quiet in the classroom but on the field I’m not a quiet kid.
(Drew Amman)
How do you wanna take that to Arkansas knowing one day maybe you’ll be a team captain at Arkansas? I’m sure that’s a goal of yours?
Just being that kid everyday on the team to lead the team, even in conditioning like when they didn’t finish through the line, I would run with them, even after I finished.
I plan on keeping that same quality.
Clay has also become one of the more vocal signees from
2019 on social media, where he has a strong presence, and it won’t stop now that he is on the Hill.

It’s a great thing to keep in touch with recruits even 2020 and beyond because people need people to stay in touch. We built this great class, but we don’t want
this to stop…we need to keep the energy going.
As for your relationship with Chad Morris,
How much does that mean to you knowing he was the
first to offer you there at SMU?

It made it a bigger help because people were like well, they were your first offer and considering when Coach Morris went there and got his job, I was one of like the first recruits
he hit up, so when we make that coaching change, we’ll be the first to offer you.


You signed in the early signing period. Once that was out of the way, what was going through your mind?

It was a big weight off my shoulders, there were still coaches from other schools that hit me up like,
is Arkansas really where you want to be, they showed me their trophies,
championship rings, and I was like,
showing me those championship rings and stuff,
that’s not how you pull me to your school,
I just wanna be a guy to help lead a team that might not have those traits to a bigger opportunity.

Knowing where the program is, where it could go under Chad Morris, how excited are you to be a part of that, knowing that you were the group coming in, the recruiting class coming off a two win season
that somehow got things turned in the right direction?
It’s gonna be a great change,
I hear it every day you well,
you’re really going to Arkansas they only won two games, they lost to this team they lost to that,
I don’t listen to it.

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