Football Recruiting Recap: Five Make Official Visits Over the Weekend


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Get the Latest on Hog Football Recruiting in this Q & A with Otis Kirk from our Pig Trail 30-Minute Show:

Drew Amman: “Hey what is up we are back here on the show with our recruiting insider of course Otis Kirk as always. Arkansas hosted five official visitors over the weekend. Let’s get to offensive tackle Garrett Hayes, Athens, Texas. 6-5, 280. Thoughts on him.”

Otis Kirk: “Big kid. Got offers from Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Florida State, Baylor, you know the whole works. Just a big kid that can move well. Like 295 pounds. He is listed at 280 but he was over 290 yesterday when he weighed in. He is a kid that is going to take him time on decision. Mom played hoops at Texas A&M. I don’t know how much of a factor that will be though. He is going to visit some more schools but they will probably be in the fall. But he is not in a rush to make a decision. This was his first visit.”

Drew Amman: “Juwan Mitchell now. He is committed to Minnesota. He got that offer from Arkansas. This is a big name in the recruiting circles for Arkansas. He is a junior college guy at the moment.”

Otis Kirk: “Yeah and the biggest news on him and probably the biggest news of the weekend is that he can actually come in now. He can come on May the 26th when this semester ends and be eligible for the 2019 season. He told me he would like to play along side Scoota, they want him to play alongside Scoota. So obviously that leads to questions about how are you going to do that if Scoota is a senior. He told me last week or Tuesday he was mid-term. Turns out he is a full qualifier out of high school. So now he can go where he wants to go. He is going to visit Texas next weekend. They offered him last week. I want to say they offered him on Wednesday.”

Drew Amman: “That is huge news. Savion Williams another kid that we talked about. He is from Texas. A wide receiver and he is down to his final two right?”

Otis Kirk: “Yeah Arkansas and Kansas. Les Miles wants him to visit there in June. He is a kid, Arkansas has a couple of receivers committed. So I think they are fine with this visit taking place with Kansas in June. He is 6-4, 195. Can go up and catch the ball. Can run well. Just a kid really he is what you are looking for in a receiver.”

Drew Amman: “Brandon Frazier. McKinney, Texas. 6-7 this kid a tight end. He has released his top 8, released that back in March.”

Otis Kirk: “He is really down to 3. Arkansas, Baylor andTexas Tech., I am really not sure it isn’t down to two. He said Arkansas and Baylor. He is going to visit Baylor. The only advantage Baylor has over him, has over Arkansas I mean is they are winning right now. But he said Coach Morris just said trust the process. I really think Arkansas will get him even though he really talked highly of Baylor. In the end he has been here five times Drew. So this weekend was not the only time he has seen this place. He has been up here. He knows they use the tight end extremely well. He likes coach Lunney. Likes coach Morris. He likes the coaches at Baylor too. I really think it is going to be down to three schools because he said Texas Tech. I really think it is going to be an Arkansas, Baylor decision if I had to guess right now I would go with the Hogs. He is 6-7, 241 pounds. He is a lot like Alan Horace in the sense he is a basketball player too. So that obviously tells you he is pretty athletic.”

Drew Amman: “What about Jahari Rogers. Because I understand this guy has strong impressions when he saw Arkansas.”

Otis Kirk: “He loved it here. He is going to Florida next weekend. Notre Dame, Texas, Miami, other schools. He is going to Florida next weekend. He is going to visit Texas for sure. Notre Dame, Miami and others are trying to get those other two visits. Plays quarterback for them down there. About 2,500  yards of offense at quarterback. He is an athlete in college. Arkansas is recruiting him to play corner. Mark Smith is on him. He is an important recruit for the Hogs. Because they really want to sign 4-5 corners. When I say 4-5 corners I am talking about the nickelback. Then also 1-2 safeties. That is what they are trying to sign in the 2020 class. So that would be a big get to get him.”

Drew Amman: “Blayne Toll. He has got Arkansas in his top five.”

Otis Kirk: “Yeah Arkansas and OU. maybe Tennessee. Ole Miss and Memphis are in on him too. Like I said earlier on Frazier I really think this might come down to Arkansas and Oklahoma on Blayne. Maybe Tennessee.”

Drew Amman: “Jordan Stout. Kicker who can boom it on the kickoffs. Used to be at Virginia Tech.”

Otis Kirk: “We talked about Juwan Williams being in the 2019 class. Stout would be too. It is a new rule that the NCAA has passed where if you are a walk-on at your school and somebody else offers you a scholarship then you can transfer and be eligible immediately. So Stout would have three years to play three at Arkansas. People ask me why are they recruiting another kicker. Well it is simple. 84.5 percent of his kickoffs were touchbacks. Number four in the country in that regard.”

Drew Amman: “All of these articles on these guys that Otis just talked about he talks about at length on So go there. Some great info. Otis thanks very much. Softball coming up.” 

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