Hjalte Froholdt Turns in Good Pro Day

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By Otis Kirk

Former Razorback offensive lineman Hjalte Froholdt was among the players participating in the pro day at Arkansas this past Monday. 

Froholdt was one of four former Razorbacks who also participated in the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine earlier this year as well. Froholdt added to his combine performance at the pro day.

“There’s different drills and being able to show how I move compared to combine drills – combine drills  are very … it’s been static and the same ones year in and year out,” Froholdt said. “It was good to move around again and show out with all these scouts here today.”

You worked some at center today, did you do that at the combine as well?

“At the combine it was more just movement and they want to see how you move in space,” Froholdt said. “I didn’t snap at the combine. I’m seen as a guard in the combine. There were a couple of other centers snapping, though.”

With the April 25-27 NFL Draft nearing, how you feel your work has stacked up here and at the combine?

“I think I’ve done well,” Froholdt said. “I’m satisfied with what I’ve been doing. Training went really well. I trained out in LA. You’d think it would be good weather but it was raining all the time. It was good and the combine was interesting. It was stressful, I’m not going to lie, but it was a really cool experience talking to all these coaches and talking football. That’s what you really want to do, and it’s exciting.”

In what ways was it stressful?

“My group leader, he said it perfectly: it’s a lot of hurry up and wait,” Froholdt said. “All the medical stuff, you need to be right there on time, but then you might be 10th in the line and you have to wait. But the second you’re done there you have to go to another line and you have to be quick. You can’t lallygag. When we finally got to Friday it was all the fun stuff. We got to go on the field and do what we’ve been training for.”

Between now and the NFL Draft, what do you have scheduled?

“Training to be strong,” Froholdt said. “I’m not training to be a track athlete anymore. I’m not trying to be fast. I’m trying to be powerful and strong and get back to some proper offensive line strength and conditioning things.”

Where will you train from now until the draft?

“I’m staying around here in case any team wants to work me out,” Froholdt said. “You can only work me out here on campus, so I wouldn’t want to fly in and out of here, so I’m staying right here.”

Where in Los Angeles did you train?

“It was really cool,” Froholdt said. “You live in an apartment complex and you work out on the top. It was called ProActive. They have two spots, one in northern LA and one in south LA. I was closer to San Diego, the one that I was at. It was really, really good, great experience.

“The coaching, it was good to get a little away and focus on what you needed to do at the combine and pro day and come back here, back home, with the girlfriend and all the dogs and get back in the routine. Just being me and getting stronger.”

Froholdt said he has no visits scheduled with teams at this time. Did you get any off the wall questions at the combine?

“I was waiting for it,” Froholdt said. “I thought somebody would pull something crazy out since I’m from Denmark, but it was super standard. We prepared for the worst and I was a little disappointed because I was prepared for something rad to come out. Just about where I’m from and football.”

How was repping Denmark at the combine?

“It was super cool,” Froholdt said. “The support that I got there was unfathomable and I got so many text messages from people I know, people I’ve never met in my life and everyone was super supportive. There’s a certain sense of pride to it being from Denmark and being able to represent my country. I think I did a good job at it.”

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