Hog Recruiting: Hulk from Hazen Commits, Plus Key Target Aaron Moore


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Hog Football Recruiting this week has a heavy focus on linebackers on Arkansas’ Radar, but first…a look back at a big get from Hazen, a defensive end. Here’s the latest in a Q and A with our recruiting insider Otis Kirk:

Drew Amman
Back on the show with Otis Kirk our recruiting insider and of course Friday a big day, Blayne Toll the hulk from Hazen commits to Arkansas
Otis Kirk
They got to charge a toll fee now for him to come through and someone came up with that on twitter Drew I thought
it was really good, I’d like to give them credit but can’t remember the first one to do it. This was the number one player
in Arkansas second year in a row Arkansas picked up the number one player in the state, last year got Hudson Henry
Treylon Burks Zach Williams so it was really a top three this year and then this year you go in and you get the top player so Chad Morris is focused on getting difference makers inside the state of Arkansas, and that is what Blayne
Toll. This kid is about six five six six, good speed, some people were saying you know hey he comes from a small
school, but I don’t know how much that really hinders you, you know most of their commitments inside the state
come from 5A 2A 4A, 3A. It may hinder you at first, the speed of the game, but with Toll he’s gone to Combines, Nike Opening, elite places, and he has excelled at those places Drew.
Linebacker really wanna focus there, lot of talk lot of buzz, Aaron Moore linebacker out of Tennessee what about him?
Everybody’s freaking out about linebacker, they want Arkansas to get linebackers and a lot of them to load up. Moore
is a kid I talked to earlier in the week out of Murfreesboro, and knows Trey Knox really well. Different high schools,
and Knox what a pick up that was. Moore will be at the picnic on July 26th, the WOO Pig Nic,
and he was here or the prospect day March 9th, and he wants to make a decision before high school senior year, the season starts.
I would say a week after he visits for the picnic, and Arkansas likely to get the last visit there.
This is a kid with good offers, Missouri Arkansas Oklahoma State. Several schools in there. They won the state
last year,
beat Memphis White Haven 37-0, he had 65 67 tackles last season. What you have to understand, they went 14-1,
and he didn’t play past halftime in some games. They were crushing people. They won like 70-0 combined scores
in semis and finals.
Let’s talk about O LINE,
Ray Curry could he flip, just committed to Missouri?
That’s what everyone is asking, is there another out there committed to another school who could flip to Arkansas.
Out of Memphis, could flip, just committed to Mizzou earlier this month like June 3rd,
I think Arkansas has a shot. If they can continue to keep him interested, maybe get some more visits, they could keep recruiting him. That’s the name that comes up and that could happen Missouri to Arkansas, and I know
Arkansas would love to beat Missouri on another kid.
Chandler Morris
coach’s son, son of Chad Morris,
he competed at the Elite 11 scoring as high as third in the standings.
I was watching video of that and he threw a touchdown in their 7 on 7 and
he had their top five players as Elite 11 put out there standings and that was from passing and their pro scoring, I don’t completely know how they have their system in place.
Excited to get Chandler on the Hill, Otis thanks in our recruiting report,
Baseball with Mike Irwin coming up after this.

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