AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Thousands of visitors are making their way to the course today.

They’ll enjoy the rolling hills, the golfers… and, of course, the world famous food.

Just as famous as Amen Corner and, even, Magnolia Lane itself…food is a top experience that patrons look forward to at the Masters.

From the raved about pimento cheese sandwich, to the yummy Georgia pecan caramel popcorn…the concessions menu at the Masters continues to satisfy.

“In ‘19, I tried everything,” said David Molinaro. “We were here eight hours, nine hours and we tried everything. We tried every sandwich. And I will eat my way around the golf course again.”

David says he’s waited all year to eat a pimento cheese sandwich.

“In Wisconsin, we don’t have it,” said David. “But here, I had to try the pimento cheese and it was great.”

And for those who are wondering…yes, there’s delicious breakfast cuisine, too.

“Well, this is fantastic,” said Mark Molinaro. “This is the iconic breakfast sandwich, right? So you hear all about the food at the Masters and we’re just happy to be here and partaking in it. You get sausage, egg, bacon and cheese in here. So, you got the double the meat, so you can’t go wrong with that.”

The menu at the Masters is also known for its throwback prices.

And patrons appreciate it. 

“Anytime you’re at a venue like this, captive audience,” said Mark. “Prices typically go up. But what they do for the patrons here is fantastic.” 

I sat down with one patron who is on her 54th year at the Masters.

“I’m having the egg salad and it is so delicious,” said Valerie Kimmel. “It’s flavorful, creamy, just…what everybody needs.”

We figured it was about time for me to try one of these sandwiches out for myself… 

To me, the chicken salad sandwich has the perfect amount of creaminess and chunk. 

Patrons told me that it’s not only the delicious taste of the food that makes it so good…but also the wonderful customer service they receive at Augusta National.