McPherson: ‘Muss Bus Rolling in Recruiting’


Drew Amman: “We are back talking hoops with Kevin McPherson our hoops insider, our Hogville hoops insider.  Kevin you are busy at the moment. Let’s talk a little about Jeantal Cylla, who actually has some roots from Haiti, his mom was born in Haiti. A very unique situation in terms of his family background. But this guy is committed to the Hogs. Did that on Saturday. He is from UNC-Wilmington. He comes to the Hogs after averaging 14 plus points per game. He is also very efficient from the free throw line I understand.”

Kevin McPherson: “Yeah this is a guy we’ll say it this way the Muss Bus is rolling in recruiting. He has been on the job now two weeks. Cylla is the first guy. He is the first guy to take a visit and he gets a win Musselman does by getting a commitment in the middle of the visit. You just mentioned it about Cylla. The free throw shooting around 85 percent. 6-7 forward that is going to be able to help Arkansas stretch the floor. That has been a problem at the combo four spot up to this point. Cylla averaged like you said close to 14 points a game last year. 4 and a half rebounds at UNC-Wilmington. Played his first two years at Florida Atlantic after finishing high school at Fort Lake in Florida. But here is a guy that I look at his numbers. 31 percent from three. Averaged one make a game from three. So a guy that is going to make defenses play him honestly. When I watch film of him I think he is very efficient in terms of no wasted movement or dribbling. He is a spot up, catch and shoot or a one dribble and shoot guy. Like I said the range goes out to the three point line. He is effective around the basket. Good footwork around the basket. Not a big bouncy guy. But has some good craft in his game. You talk about a grad transfer. A guy that is going to come in and immediately be looked upon to add some value in terms of leadership but also production.”

Drew Amman: “Jaire Grayer will visit soon and he is from George Mason. I understand he was limited because of a foot injury.”

Kevin McPherson: “He is going to seek a waiver to get another year. Another grad transfer out of George Mason. 6-5 wing. Was said to visit  Arkansas on Monday the 22nd, which is tomorrow. He told me ove rthe weekend that he is actually going to have to push that out to the following Monday the 29th. But a guy that has played three years at George Mason. Has put up some good numbers. Averaged over 8 points and three rebounds per game. I think he only played 7 or 8 games this past season due to that foot injury. His dad Jeff Grayer was a NBA journyman from the late 80’s to the late 90’s. So a young man that comes from a pedigree of basketball. This could be number two off the board. We will see what happens there. Because he makes it to campus. He has told me he doesn’t have any other visits set up right now. So Arkansas may be the program that he is focusing on at this time.”

Drew Amman: “Jahaad Proctor he is from High Point. He is going to visit in May. This guy played for Tubby Smith at high point. What kind of scorer is he? What are we looking at here?”

Kevin McPherson: “19.5 points per game at High Point this past season. Second team all Big South. Averaged close to 4 rebounds and three assists. He has a lot of high majors looking at him. He is suppose to visit Purdue this upcoming weekend. Then Arkansas the weekend of May 3-5. So we will see what happens there. But several like I said high major programs looking at him. Obviously if you are averaging 19.5 points a game you are a guy that can find ways to score the basketball. 6-3, strongly built guard. Another guy that Eric Musselman did his vetting and did his research. A guy that Arkansas would like to get on campus and see where they go from there.”

Drew Amman: “Khadim Sy from Daytona State. So we are talking about possibly getting another guy from the Juco ranks. He has Arkansas in his top 5.”

Kevin McPherson: “Yeah and he is going to visit Ole Miss this coming week on Tuesday I am told. LSU is in the mix. Arkansas and then he already visited East Carolina and Pitt. He is a top 5 juco player. 6-10, 245. Can actually step out and hit a three. He started at Virginia Tech a couple of years ago. Redshirted, played at Daytona State College. So he’ll have two years to play two at the Division One Level. That would be a big get for Arkansas.”

Drew Amman: “Okay let’s go to the class of 2020. Five guys offered by Eric Musselman. Who do you want to point out there in that class?”

Kevin McPherson: “Well Kyree Walker and Dalen Terry both of those guys. Walker is a five star out of Hillcrest Prep out in Phoenix. Walker I think their head coach Nick Weaver told me both players are probably going to visit Arkansas soon. Walker is likely to class of 2019. We have to keep our eyes on that. Moses Moody, Jailyn Williams, Chris Moore the in-state guys that picked up offers last week from Arkansas. Moody being the five star have all been conversing with coach Musselman in the last week. All have had positive things to say about that so far. So that class of 2020 five offers and it looks like Arkansas is making some ground with all five guys.”

Drew Amman: “Okay to the class of 2021 Trey Alexander has an offer from Arkansas. What type of player is he? And of course as we wrap up here, you have about 20 seconds here. He is a guy out of Oklahoma. But what would Arkansas be getting in this guy?”

Kevin McPherson: “Smooth, A guy that is 6-5, good range all the way out to the NBA three line. Got to watch him play a little over a week ago. First sophomore in the 2021 class that Arkansas has put an offer out to. I like his game.”

Drew Amman: “Alright Kevin McPherson he has got the insight there. Hogville Hoops. Of course you can go there to find out more about hoops. Of course we have Dre Greenlaw in studio as we get ready for the NFL Draft, that is later this week beginning on Thursday from Music City. Back after this.”

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