McPherson on Hog Hoops: What Notae Brings, Plus Clay Moser’s Presence


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Drew Amman ” Back to talk more hoops and we’ve got Kevin McPherson with us and he joins us via the phone. Kevin let’s talk more about obviously you’ve been writing a lot on about the moving and shaking right now as far as Arkansas basketball. Alot going  on there in terms of the coaches. We’ll get to that here in just a bit but first. Let’s talk JD Notae, he commits to Arkansas, out of Jacksonville. What kind of guard is Arkansas getting here?” 

Kevin McPherson ” They’re getting a hard-nose grinder man. This guy when you watch his film that toughness really comes out. He’s got 15.5 points over 6 rebounds for a 6-2 guard. I don’t care what level division one basketball that is, that shows you a guy who’s got a nose for the ball and some toughness. 3 1/2 assists, nearly 2 steals. So second team all ASUN last year. At Arkansas he’ll sit one year and have 2 to play. But that’s the fourth transfer now this spring that Eric Musselman has brough in. Know when you start looking back at Jeantal Cylla, Connor Vanover and Isaiah Moss now you’ve got JD Notae off the baord and to Arkansas. So big spring class right now with four guys coming to Arkansas.” 

Drew Amman ” You talk about grad transfers and that’s something Mike Anderson did not look at. Grad Transfer from UNT, Ryan Woolridge taking a look at Arkansas. Your take on him?” 

Kevin McPherson “North Texas he’s another guy that’s a stat sheet stuffer. I mean you look at thae last two years at North Texas. Scoring around 12 points a game and over five rebound and over 5 assists right around there. So a guy that can really check a lot of boxes for you. A multi-versitle guy. But another guard, combo guard, 6-3. If you look at what Musselman’s done, if he were to commit to Arkansas that would be three grad transfers. So what we see is with all the offers going out to the 2020 class, especially as deep as it is with in state players for that class, yuou bring in grad transfers and those guys will recycle. You can go ahead and sign 2020 guys in November because you know the guys you just signed that are grad transfers are going to be finsihed in a year. So you’re got a lot more flexibility in recruiting. But lets say if Woolridge comes on board, that remains to be seen, but if he does that will be three grad transfers just this spring. In his whole time at Nevada Musselman only signed two.” 

Drew Amman “Let’s go right to the coaching. Mention the coached because the coaching staff completed by Clay Moser. This guy has so much experience and he was just announced hired to the staff by Eric Musselman. This guy a former Lakers assistant. Obviously he was a scout there in Sacramento for Golden State and Musselman was head coach there in the NBA. But what kind of guy is Moser. I know you talked with Moser let’s talk more about him coming aboard here to the Arkansas staff.” 

Kevin McPherson ” Well he’s an analytics guy. You’re right he’s been with the Lakers the last five seasons, assistant coach and director of basketball operations. He’s worn a lot of hats in professional basketball. He’s been at four stops with Musselman including the Dominican Republic National team.  But a guy that got his start in college basketball under the hall of famer, Jimmy Valvano at North Carolina State. Spent so many years int he pros since then. Now back to the college game. but Musselman knows him, he knows Muss real well. these guys are going to work real well together. Now you look at Arkansas’ staff they’ve got guys that have got a lot of NBA experience whether it be playing, coaching. But you’ve also got a lot of college experience so it’s an interesting staff the way it’s shaped up with all three hires finalized.” 

Click the link above to hear more on this Q&A with our Hog Hoops Insider. McPherson has more on Hog Recruits who competed in Dallas over the weekend.

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