McPherson on Hoops Recruiting: Big-Time Prospects Will Visit in October


Story: By Drew Amman

Fayetteville, AR-

Joining us by phone Sunday, Hogville’s Kevin McPherson told us about a month that is stacked with visits from big-time prospects. Kyree Walker jumps off the page in recruiting circles, and he is one of the Hog Recruits set to visit Arkansas in October. Here’s the Q and A with Kevin:

Drew Amman: “Hey what is up. Back on the show here with our Hog Hoops insider this is Kevin McPherson we are talking to. Of course Chris Moore out of West Memphis lot people talk about him. He said his official was amazing at Arkansas. He has the hogs in his top three Kevin.”

Kevin McPherson: “You know what it’s not a surprise that he had a good official visit it was his first time on campus since Musselman took over the Arkansas program. It was also the first time Arkansas had an official visitor in from the high school ranks twice in school history. So a lot of first there but the big takeaway is Chris Moore said it was. He did say it was an amazing visit. He was really taken aback by all the detail especially the analytics looking at how he could improve his game.Talking about his strengths how the vision they have for him in Arkansas. You know Musselman has compared him to Jordan Caroline, one of his star players last year in Nevada who signed a contract with the Lakers. So he can show guys how he can help them get to the NBA. But Moore said he had a great time. His family had a great time. The big takeaway there is he even though he said Arkansas is in his top three now. He declined to name the other two schools. I really think those are probably Memphis and Auburn right now. He’s got official visits set up for both of those schools in the next few weeks as well as Texas A&M and maybe Iowa State. But he also confirmed that he will sign early so that mid-November period the 13th through the 20th is less than two months away. So really need to pay attention to this but it was a great visit according to Chris Moore, the 6-6 combo forward out of West Memphis you know national top one hundred four star.”

Drew Amman: “Another star to talk about Kyree Walker this guy will visit officially at Arkansas October 4th-6th right?”

Kevin McPherson: “Yeah that means he’s gonna to be able to go to that that annual Red-White game that’s really you know interesting this year because it’s at Barnhill Arena for the first time in 26 years. But Kyree Walker has been a national story top 35 guy out of Hillcrest Prep in Phoenix. Musselman the first day on the job reaffirmed an offer he gave him at Nevada and says look you’ve got an Arkansas offer and you know after all this talk about is it going to reclassify to 2019 or stay in 20 maybe he goes pro and plays overseas that was one of the considerations. But he’s at Hillcrest Prep. My understanding is he’s not going to play this season. He’s going to try to graduate by mid term and then potentially if he landed let’s say at Arkansas then he could play the spring semester. So really kind of re-classify in that 2019 class play you know upwards of 20 games in the 2019-20 season and you know he would catch all of the SEC play if that were to happen. Then see where he goes from there. Does he try to go pro after that or does he stick with the Hogs? But if he does choose Arkansas there’s some interesting options there for Kyree Walker.”

Drew Amman: “Really like Keon Ambrose this game will visit as well. He has the Hogs in his final five right?

Kevin McPherson: “He does and you know he announced that this weekend on his birthday and that was on Saturday. Today he also put out all five of his official visit dates. For Arkansas it’s going to be October 11th through the 13th. 6-8 small forward-wing. He is a Toronto native plays at a prep school in Ohio. But you know here here’s a guy that told me he really likes Musselman. He thinks that the staff that the head coach and the staff really care about their players. He talks about the NBA part of it. But you know a guy that at 6-8. with the ability to play on that wing and maybe be a combo three-four guy could bring a lot of versatility in that 2020 class. ESPN ranks him the number 58 prospect in the country. Drew a four star.”

Drew Amman: “Moses Moody K.K. Robinson what’s the update?”

Kevin McPherson: “Man these in state guys both play out of state now at different prep schools on the east coast. But they grew up playing together in Arkansas. Both of them top one hundred guys. ESPN has Moody in the top 30 in the country. They’re gonna take official visits on the same weekend October 18th of the 20th. That’s the weekend Arkansas will host Auburn for football so that ought to be a big visit weekend for the basketball team.”

Drew Amman: “All right get you out here in 30 seconds this group these guys obviously Daryl Macon big news can sign or has already signed I should say with the Miami Heat. Also signing with the Detroit Pistons Joe Johnson. Johnson of course the seven time NBA all star.

Kevin McPherson: “You talked about Daryl Macon. When he was signed as a free agent at the summer league team for the Miami Heat may end up cutting him after a strong summer league and he signed with the Dallas Mavericks to a two way contract. Was recently released from the Mavs and now he’s back with the Heat. We will see where that goes. Joe Johnson what can you say. One of the all time, seven time all star in a rare group of elite players with twenty thousand career points, 5000 career rebounds, 5000 career assists in the NBA. Now he’s back in the NBA after earning MVP honors by dominating Ice Cube’s Big Three league. You know this is big story for Joe Johnson I think it says more about Arkansas Razorbacks basketball as you look at the future of the past and the present.”

Drew Amman: “Yeah Iso Joe we love him. Joe Johnson and Daryl Macon as well. All right. Soccer news coming up after this. “

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