McPherson on Recruiting: ‘Good Offer List’ for 2019 Forward Tre Mitchell


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Fayetteville, AR- Hoops Insider Kevin Mcpherson looking back at a miserable finish for Arkansas hosting Texas A&M. Plus, the latest on recruiting including an Arkansas offer for a post player from Connecticut.

Here’s the transcription from that interview:

Drew Amman: “Back talking more hoops now. We are talking with Kevin McPherson our hoops insider from Kevin I am going to let you have the floor here and just basically speak in general about what you thought about last night’s 87-80 loss for Arkansas facing Texas A&M at home. Sixth home loss this year for Mike Anderson’s team. Just so weird saying that. But whether it was 5-22 from three. Getting outrebounded yet again. Sort of panic situations late in terms of some of the rushed shots. Your thoughts?

Kevin McPherson: “Yeah I think Arkansas in this five game losing streak you know you have to go back to the 2009-10 season, John Pelphrey’s third year at Arkansas and he was here a total of four to see this kind of futility in wins and losses and losing at home. Really Arkansas has hit a wall. The youngest team in the SEC and one of the youngest in the country. That sounds like an excuse but I am really starting to see the fact that these guys aren’t able when the final stretch of the season, the second part of SEC play is when Mike Anderson team’s have gotten better. Those have been mostly veteran teams. I think what we are seeing now is Arkansas’ opponents are teams that have veteran players who have been there and know how to play through the grind. It gets more physical this time of year. Arkansas has hit a wall. Where they games through most of the season and had a chance to win at the end now they are getting hit with some pretty big runs. Even last night it wasn’t as big a run as they faced against Mississippi State and Auburn. But the run was enough at the end that Arkansas just wasn’t in a position to pull that game out. So we are starting to see it is a multitude of things. Right it is rebounding. Their defense has gotten worse. Their transition defense and three point defense were better earlier in the year. Lately they have not been good. Then on offense there is just not enough guys that can beat you in multiple ways. Dan Gafford has to be around the basket to score. So many of the guards really either they can’t knock down shots or they are not good slashers to the basket. So it is easier for defenses to gameplan and scheme. At this time of year you have to be more multiple and have more depth than what Arkansas has been able to put on the floor and be consistently good.”

Drew Amman: “Let’s go right to recruiting now. 2019 big man Tre Mitchell. He is 6-9, has an offer from Arkansas.”

Kevin McPherson: “Yeah just picked that up on Friday. He is a 4 star, top 80 recruit out of the Woodstock Academy in Connecticut. He is from Pittsburgh. He has offers from Louisville, Syracuse just offered him as well. Notre Dame, Tennessee. He has got a good offer list. I like him. 6-9, 235 solid. Has good inside out skill. Knows how to play the game. High basketball IQ.”

Drew Amman: “Okay 2019 guard Tyson Jolly. This guy from the Juco ranks. Trinity Valley. Your thoughts?”

Kevin McPherson: “Yeah TJ Cleveland assistant coach was out to see him and another guard Jalon Pipkins, both are 6-4. Both play in Texas Juco. Trinity Valley for Tyson Jolly. He originally was a freshman at Baylor before transferring to Juco. Pipkins was at Cal State Northridge. He is also now a sophomore at Paris Junior College in Texas. But Jolly had a triple double in the game that Cleveland saw him. He is going to have a lot of teams after him. He is averaging double figures, over 22 points and over 12 rebounds a game. So Arkansas is really starting to look at the big guards on the Juco level. Mike Anderson recently said he wants to get older in recruiting. The only way you can do that is either Jucos or grad transfers. So we are really starting to see Arkansas look at some big guards and wing type players in the juco ranks.”

Drew Amman: “Let’s go right to Sardaar Calhoun, also from the juco ranks. I notice right away this guy already has a couple of offers from some Big 12 schools right Kevin?”

Kevin McPherson: “Yeah Minnesota just recently offered him. Seton Hall out of the Big East. But he is a good basketball player. 6-6, he is averaging over 18 points a game. Mike Anderson and TJ Cleveland saw him recently. Stefan Welsh is involved with his recruitment, the former Razorback guard. He is originally from Virginia, playing at Missouri State-West Plains Juco right now. He is a guy that has one class to take to figure out if he can be class of 2019 with three years to play or if he is going to be 2020 with only two to play.”

Drew Amman: “Okay Sean Miller-Moore will close, about 20 seconds on him. I think Arkansas just went to get an opportunity to see him.”

Kevin McPherson: “Yeah last week TJ Cleveland. Moberly Area Community College in Missouri. Another big guy. 6-5 wing averaging 18 points and 8 rebounds a game.”
Drew Amman: “Alright Kevin appreciate it as always. You can see his Hog Food For Thought trending on twitter as always and all of his work on Kevin McPherson our hoops insider joining us. SEC Track and Field Championships, a recap after this.”

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