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Drew Amman: “Hey we are back on the show and happy to bring in Kevin McPherson, he is going to talk about recruiting on the hoops side throughout several weeks here on our Pig Trail Nation program. We appreciate Kevin as always. Of course he writes a lot on for us. Let’s talk about the future now, guard Justice Hill from Little Rock, a point guard. We have talked about in recent years about who is going to be that floor general for this Arkansas program. Well Hill certainly could be that. He signs November 14th. Will join the program in mid-December. What about that impact as far as when he will arrive on the Hill?”
Kevin McPherson: “That’s right. He’ll sign in just over a week. He’ll be in Fayetteville mid-December like you said. It will be good for him to get acclimated to college life as a student, get to know his teammates. He’ll get to practice with the team. That is invaluable. The plan is for him to go ahead and gray-shirt and be available as a freshman during the 2019-20 season. But he is a facilitator first guy.  He’s explosive, can do a lot of things, score when needed. But I think learning and watching Jalen Harris and even Desi Sills in the backup roll will be good for him.”

Drew Amman: “Yeah absolutely. For 2019 Doudou Gueye. This guy from the juco ranks. Would have two years of eligibility. Really high on this kid. I know you have certainly talked at length about him and written about him on Hogville. He is 6-9 and can play inside out. But what about him in terms of what he could bring to Arkansas?” 

Kevin McPherson: “Well you know his favorite player it says on his bio page at Dayton Junior College down in Florida that his favorite player is Kevin Durant. We know Kevin Durant 6-11 center, 7 foot. It’s kind of like a big guard. He is bring the ball up and getting his three point shot up off the bounce if defense closes on him he can slash and get to the basket. This what I see with this guy. I am not comparing Doudou Gueye right now to Kevin Durant in terms of where he’ll be as an NBA player. But on the next level in college 6-9, 200, strong. A lot of ball skill and just has a lot of craft in his offense.”

Drew Amman: “Another offer that is out there this time from the 2020 class. Davonte Davis. He will visit November 10th. Tell me about his recruitment and where he is right now in the process.”

Kevin McPherson: “He is an electrifying full court player. He is a facilitator. He can slash and finish. Really long and wirey at 6-3. Long legs, long arms. But also very quick and uses his pivot foot well once he gets into the lane to create for himself around the basket. But a guy that Arkansas could really use another facilitator, a guy that is a facilitator at point guard that can score as well. Has improved his shot. He is a lefty. But that unofficial visit he told me he is looking to have some fun, get to know the team. See how they work with the young players. But that he is also looking to set up an official visit at a later date.”

Drew Amman: “Okay 2021 this is Jalen Ricks. Some big news here because he just named Arkansas his frontrunner. He is out of Sylvan Hills. What about Jalen?”

Kevin McPherson: “6-5, combo guard, wing. Really like his game. Really improved his three point shot playing in the summer for the Joe Johnson Hawks on the Adidas Gauntlet circuit. A guy that may be the best player in that 2021 class. At least a 6-10 wingspan. But he was already good in the middle game and very good as a passer. Just a stat sheet stuffer. But now that he has added that three point shot to his arsenal a lot of schools are on him. He’ll take an unofficial visit to Oklahoma State next month. But a guy that already has an offer from TCU. Attended their elite camp. Michigan, Indiana, Texas A&M have gotten in on him recently. Auburn is another school that is looking at him. So the fact that he told me yesterday that Arkansas is for sure his leader right now that’s a good thing. He plans to come back to Arkansas for another unofficial visit during the season sometime. He was at Arkansas for the Red-White game on an unofficial visit. So he is looking to get back on campus.”

Drew Amman: “Alright good stuff there. homecoming weekend let’s recap that. I know it has been a few weeks. But Moses Moody, Bryce Thompson and Matthew Murrell were all here. What did they think about Arkansas and where does it stand moving forward with that trio?”

Kevin McPherson: “Well all three of them are all national top 100 guards in that 2020 class. Moses Moody from Little Rock, he is now playing at an independent school power down in Florida Montverde Academy. But he came back home. Got to take an official visit. Got to go to the Red-White game. He said it was a good visit. Mike Anderson’s approach to how he runs the program. You know Arkansas is going to work extremely hard to get him back for another official visit during his senior year season. But Bryce Thompson the 6-4 shooting guard out of Tulsa Booker T. Washington a lot of ties with his family in Arkansas. His dad was a guard at Tulsa. We know Mike Anderson was a guard there under Nolan Richardson. He dad is also really good friends with Lee Mayberry, the former Hog great who was a graduate assistant at Arkansas just a couple of years ago. He told me that he loved the family atmosphere. Mike Anderson already made him feel like part of the family. Kansas has already offered him. The Oklahoma schools, Oklahoma State and the Sooners. A lot of offers spanning the Big 12 and the ACC for Bryce Thompson. Then Matthew Murrell is a 6-3 combo guard out of Memphis, Whitehaven. Hog fans will remember Ron Huery the McDonald’s All-American that played for Nolan Richardson is from that same school. I think Penny Hardaway and Memphis also want him so it’s going to be hard to get him out of Memphis. To have three players with that caliber on campus for the same weekend on an official visit is bigtime for Arkansas.”

Drew Amman: “Yeah tremendous work by Kevin McPherson. We appreciate you and we appreciate the work that you put on Hogville for us. Kevin McPherson with our recruiting report on the hoops side of things. Pig Trail rolling on after this.”

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