If you’ve watched any of Eric Musselman’s press conferences from the past season, you know he has a very large t-shirt collection. The Arkansas men’s basketball coach typically sports a new one every time he meets with the media. But what makes this unique, is that Musselman’s shirts are to support sponsors.

Musselman discussed his reasoning behind this with Alyssa Lang on the first edition of a new SEC Network segment titled “What Day Is It”.

He says, “It was just an idea. Like when I go to a press conference, instead of going in there in an Arkansas polo. How could I promote some of our sponsors? So I did it one game not knowing how it would go over. And it went over really well with our sponsor so every time we win I wear a different corporate sponsored t-shirt in to the press conference.”

Musselman says the t-shirt he wore to promote Raising Cane’s (pictured in the tweet to the right) was his favorite.

But some of his t-shirts actually have stories to go with them. Including the shirt he wore to promote Tyson.

“My daughter loves chicken,” says Musselman. “So I went and wore that one day to represent Mr. Tyson. After I wore it my daughter got a lot of chicken delivered to the office so that she could make it herself.”

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