LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Senator Tom Cotton called for a complete boycott of next year’s Winter Olympics if they remain in China, he said in a press conference on Thursday, Nov. 18.

According to Sen. Cotton, the Biden administration is planning to announce a diplomatic boycott, but that is the “least, absolute bare minimum, that any civilized nation would do for these genocide Olympics.”

Cotton has two primary reasons for calling for the boycott.

First, he wants to protect American athletes, saying he asked the Biden administration what their plan was to keep American athletes safe. He said they replied with very few answers, leading him to believe they have no plan.

Cotton also believes it is a prime opportunity for China to gain ubiquitous surveillance on athletes in their dorm rooms, bathrooms, practice facilities and cell phones.

COVID-19 tests will also be heavily implemented to keep an outbreak from happening, forcing many athletes to withdraw from their events; something that was a major issue in Tokyo 2020.

Cotton said in his press conference China may use these tests as a way to harvest U.S. athletes’ DNA to “corner the market and lead the world on genetic data testing and harvesting to advance their life science technology research in many fields.”

Second, he blamed China’s crimes against the U.S. and the rest of the world, as well as its own people.

Cotton accused China of running a “totalitarian slave state in which they keep hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of religious and ethnic minorities in gulags subjecting them to slave labor. Subjecting ethnic women to mass rape and sterilization as a form of ethnic cleansing.”

He also spoke of China’s recent crackdown on Hong Kong, denying them of their autonomy under China International Obligations.

“For these reasons, the safety and security of our own athletes in China’s crimes against the world, we should launch a complete and total boycott of China’s genocide Olympics,” Cotton said.

He added he regrets that it will prevent around 300 athletes from competing, and that he sympathizes with them, but they have been failed by the Biden administration, who could have worked with allies to have the games in another country.

“They’ve been failed by the leaders in the international Olympic movement who should have never awarded these games to a communist tyranny.”