FAYETTEVILLE — Sam Pittman held a Zoom conference with the media today and obviously talked about the Auburn game and some happenings within his program.

Here’s three things to take away from Pittman’s conference.

Additional Role For Malik Hornsby?

Many fans and observers of Arkansas Football realize that unless there’s an injury to KJ Jefferson then Malik Hornsby isn’t going to play much, if any. Hornsby is one of the fastest players on the team and some have suggested Pittman should install some special plays for Hornsby at wide receiver or running back. He would remain a quarterback, but just put a small package together for him to utilize his speed. Pittman was asked about that on Wednesday.

“Yeah, well I certainly have thought about that as well,” Pittman said. “And actually even talked to Coach (Kendal) Briles about it. We just think that in his development, at least for now, we need him to continue to develop at quarterback and not put maybe too much on him. I understand what you’re saying, you’re not saying to move him to wideout, but are there packages where we could use his speed you know. Certainly, yes, I’ve discussed that. But at this point we’ve just said, no, let’s just continue with where we’re at. It may change. We have a week after this game and the next game we have a week off, basically from a game. Those are things, I’ve got it written in my notes, those are some of the things that we might want to look at. I’ve got about five different things wrote down right now that I want to look at in that off week.”

Bryce Stephens On Travel Squad Last Week, Not Jaquayln Crawford

At Ole Miss last Saturday, Pittman traveled freshman wide receiver Bryce Stephens, but not Jaquayln Crawford. Stephens is redshirting this season and Crawford has generally been listed as the backup wide receiver to Treylon Burks. Pittman explained the reasoning for that move last week.

“A lot of times when you get close, like we were into Week 6 and you’re close, a lot of times if you play the younger kid, he’ll pass up and things,” Pittman said. “We’re going to travel both of them this week. We get to 80, so we’ll travel both this week. It was just the fact that Bryce had a good week, and we wanted to reward him. Not a punishment. We were looking more at rewarding Bryce.”

Crawford, a transfer from Oklahoma, has played in five games. He has two receptions for eight yards.

Health Updates on Trey Knox, Others

Junior tight end Trey Knox had a big game at Ole Miss last week. He was injured during the game, but did come back in. How is his health and that of any other injured Razorback?

“Yeah, he’s beat up a little bit,” Pittman said. “We’re going to get him out there and run around and see a little bit more today than we have in the past two days. Otherwise, health wise, I don’t know. I don’t know exactly where we’re at with a couple of kids right now, but for the most part we’re pretty healthy. We’ve got some guys that are going to be in green jerseys today, but not many. It’s kind of expected to be honest with you Tom when you’re headed into the seventh week in the season in a row…seven straight. Of course Auburn is too, but you are going to have a little bit of bumps and nicks and things of that nature. We’ve got our fair share of them right now.”