3 Topics, Thoughts from Chad Morris at SEC Media Days

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FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Chad Morris touched on a wide variety of topics at the SEC Media Days on Wednesday.

Here’s three topics he was asked and how he responded.

Coach, what went in to deciding on the McFadden era uniforms? How did that come about? How often do you plan on wearing those uniforms as an alternate uniform and also is this a look for the future? Do you plan to bring white ones in next year?

“It’s a great look, isn’t it?,” Morris said. “If you follow the way Twitter blew up when we announced those, it was unbelievable. When I first got — I guess I was at Arkansas a week or two weeks and I got with my equipment group and I asked how can we get back to that uniform. To me, that was a traditional look. But the way the process happens is you have to order things a year, year and a half out. And so to be able to unveil those uniforms this year and wear the red over the white, we’re going to wear them every opportunity we can get. And as we move forward in our program, as long as I’m a part of it, that’s the look that I want to have.”

Your Missouri game at the end of the regular season is going to stay on that Friday after Thanksgiving, but also moving to Little Rock in the years that you guys host, what are your thoughts on relocating that game off campus?

“It will be a great environment in Little Rock on Thanksgiving weekend,” Morris said. “That will be a lot of fun that weekend. I know when we went down there and played in Little Rock this past year, it was a driving rainstorm and cold. The environment was unbelievable. So when that opportunity gets here, we’ll be excited about it. But we got a lot of work to do between now and then.”

What’s your philosophy behind moving to grass field? I don’t know if that was something from, you know, going back to your coaching days in high school or Clemson. What’s your thought on changing back to grass?

“Well, you’re in the natural state, and, you know, I’m a big runner and I love to jog and to jog by our practice fields and jog by our baseball field and our soccer stadium and our softball field, and you see just how immaculate a grass field looks and the way our grounds crew does such a tremendous job,” Morris said. “And then knowing that in football there’s nothing better than a freshly cut grass field on a Saturday afternoon. It’s painted up. It’s got a pop to it. It’s got a smell to it. Again, that’s just — it’s football in its natural state.”

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