FAYETTEVILLE — Arkansas released its first depth chart of the 2022 season on Monday as the Cincinnati game on Saturday grows nearer.

Much of the depth chart was as expected, but there’s still some battles looming.


Redshirt junior Hudson Clark and redshirt senior LaDarrius Bishop are listed as the starters at cornerback. But Sam Pittman said Monday during his weekly press conference that isn’t necessarily set yet. He did say Clark has been the most consistent of the candidates there. Redshirt junior Malik Chavis is behind Bishop. Behind Clark the Hogs have juniors Dwight McGlothern and Khari Johnson listed in an “or” situation. Clark has started 11 games at Arkansas. Bishop has the most starts of the group with 13. Chavis has two starts while Johnson has one start. McGlothern is a transfer from LSU.

“Well, I don’t know that we’re set there, to be perfectly honest with you,” Pittman said. “Clark, we feel like he’s played the most consistent of that group. And then I think we’re still trying to find out what we’ll do, whether it be Day Day or whether it be McGlothern or whether it be Chavis, to be perfectly honest with you. We’re still trying to figure that out. We obviously know they’re all going to play and things of that nature. We’re still trying to figure out who is going to run out there with the one’s.”

Wide Receivers

Several fans have asked who will be the six or seven wide receivers on the travel squad? In a normal year that would likely be close to the number. But Arkansas has 10 wide receivers listed on the depth chart. The starters are redshirt senior Warren Thompson, senior Matt Landers and redshirt junior Jaden Haselwood. Thompson was the leading receiver returning after he caught 19 passes for 304 yards and two touchdowns in 2021 after transferring in from Florida State. Landers played at Toledo last season and Haselwood at Oklahoma. Behind Landers is sophomore Ketron Jackson and true freshman Sam Mbake. Backing up Thompson is redshirt freshman Jaedon Wilson and true freshman Quincey McAdoo. Behind Haselwood are redshirt freshman Bryce Stephens, true freshman Isaiah Sategna and redshirt sophomore Harper Cole. Stephens is also the first-team punt returner and backed up there by Cole.

True Freshmen

The Hogs have 10 true freshmen on the depth chart. When some injured players such as Devon Manuel and Marcus Henderson return that number could shrink, but regardless the youngsters have impressed. The three wide receivers previously mentioned are listed on the depth chart. That is McAdoo, Sategna and Mbake. Others are Andrew Chamblee (left tackle), Patrick Kutas (center), E’Marion Harris (right guard), Eli Stein (long snapper), Max Fletcher (punter), Rashod Dubinion (kickoff returner) and Jordan Crook (linebacker). Fletcher is listed in an “or” situation with redshirt senior Reid Bauer at punter. Stein also an “or” situation with redshirt freshman Francisco Castro and redshirt junior John Oehrlein at long snapper. Bauer is listed as the holder for placements. That is three true freshman on the offensive line two-deep.

“I like those guys, with Chamblee and Harris and Kutas,” Pittman said. “I like those three guys. I think they’re really. (Eli) Henderson’s a little behind those guys right now. But I like those three guys. I think they’re the future of our program. Obviously Devon Manuel’s been beat up and Marcus Henderson, so that kind of elevates those guys a little bit. But I’ve really been impressed with those three guys. I think we’ll get Devon back a little bit today some, along with Brady. So that will help us with that depth, as well.”

Defensive Line

The defensive line starters on the depth chart are all returning players. Junior Jashaud Stewart and senior Zach Williams are the ends, redshirt junior Eric Gregory and redshirt senior Isaiah Nichols are the tackles. The backups include a redshirt freshman Cam Ball at tackle behind Nichols. The other three are all transfers. Landon Jackson is a sophomore from LSU and behind Stewart. Redshirt senior Jordan Domineck from Georgia Tech is behind Williams. Senior Terry Hampton from Arkansas State is listed behind Gregory. The depth chart is obviously for a 4-man front, but Arkansas will also use a 3-man front at times.


The battle between Cam Little and Texas State redshirt senior transfer Jake Bates is ongoing. The two are vying to take over the spot vacated by Vito Calvaruso transferring to Wisconsin. Little handled the duties at the Outback Bowl and was perfect on kicking touchbacks. Pittman did have an interesting observation recently about Scott Fountain, the special teams coordinator.

“It’s a competition,” Pittman said. “Probably Cam has been the more consistent of the two, but it’s definitely a competition. For some reason Scott wants Bates to win it — he’s got to earn it — so Cam can concentrate on field goals. They’re really, really close in there. Bates just had some unfortunate kicks last week kicking off. He didn’t today, by the way.”