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A Day of Giving For Razorback Football

Giving back, x4.

The Arkansas Football team was well represented across Northwest Arkansas on Thursday. 

"To be able to go out to all these different locations and to help out the community and show them that we are trying to give back," says offensive lineman Dalton Wagner, "Show them we appreciate what they are doing."

You could find them coloring at Arkansas Children's Northwest in Springdale. Handing out gift bags at Mercy Hospital in Rogers, serving food to the homeless at 7Hills Homeless Center, and shooting hoops at the Fayetteville Boys and Girls Club. 

"We're here to make them happy and to bring a little smile to them. It's Christmas time you know, coming in to brighten up their day." adds Wagner. 

For the players, it's not a chore. It's a thank you for everything the community has done to show their support.

It's also personal. With a platform to make an impact, they are making it count. 

"I think about myself and when I was a kid, all the moments I had with different adults in my life. I remember, I definitely remember," says defensive lineman TJ Smith, "I remember when Steve Smith came to my kindergarten class one time. You don't forget those types of moments, and the different moments you can help create for someone else as well."

It's the season of giving, which makes these trips even more special. 

"I hope it helps out community. I hope it strengthens our community and strengthens those kids. And then, I hope that what we show can be an example to someone else to give back as well." adds Smith. 

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