Arkansas 20 – Texas A&M 10: What They Said

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ARLINGTON, Texas — No. 16 Arkansas defeated No. 7 Texas A&M 20-10 on Saturday in AT&T Stadium.

The win snapped a nine-game losing skid for the Hogs in the series. Here’s what was said by the players following the game on key topics.

Quarterback KJ Jefferson on Getting Injured to Start Second Half, Leaving Then Returning

“I was just waiting on the medicine to kick in. And that was just the main thing. I knew I had to come back in and fight with my team so, that was my whole mindset.”

Jefferson Hooking up With Treylon Burks For Six Receptions for 167 yards and a Touchdown

“The main thing going in, early in the week, we just wanted to try to isolate them. Him in the corner, just know that he take advantage of the matchup. So that was the main thing going into the week, just reading that safety, seeing if he’s going to help over the top. And I see he did help over the top, so I just gave Treylon [Burks] a chance and just made a play.”

What Jefferson Saw on the 85-Yard Touchdown Pass to Burks

“The first one to [Treylon] Burks, I just saw it was man-to-man, safety was kind of in the middle of the field.So I know if I held him just a little second, I would be able to get the ball to Treylon as quick as possible. He just made a great play, beat the defender, and just made a great play on the ball.”

Burks on the Long Touchdown Play

“Yeah, when they went man, I kind of looked back at coach and he called the play. And I knew it was going to be open. Yes, sir.”

Jefferson on Returning to Game Late

“The main thing in the huddle, just Coach Pittman, we need the first down, we need the first down. I got you, Coach. I’m going to make sure I get it. When Coach called it, I know it was a quarterback run the whole way. I knew I had just had to go get it basically. Just put my head down and just drive and just go get the first down.”

Linebacker Grant Morgan on What Happened on Isaiah Spiller’s 67-Yard Touchdown Run

“So what happened on the play is they ran just a simple zone run, and I have a certain gap. If I see the end crash down through a crease, I have to read out of that gap. They blocked it really well. He reached — or he did the technique. The O-line was supposed to follow me instead of stay on Eric [Gregory]. And he ended up pinning Eric in. So me and Eric ended up being in the same gap instead of me staying in my gap. I thought the tackle was going to reach out to me, but he didn’t. So he blocked and double-teamed, and I was unblocked and could make the play.”

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