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Our basketball insider, Kevin McPherson, begins this weeks report with a breakdown of how workouts have been going for the Razorbacks.

He says, “The big takeaways right now at least in week two, Vance Jackson Jr., 6-9 pushing 240. This guy is a versatile perimeter player. He is going to be counted on to rebound and defend as a forward too. On the offensive end the reports have been really good, especially specific to his shooting. But as of late this past week Arkansas tried him out at that point-forward spot. So what that means is he is running the offense as a primary handler out front. Likely playing through scenarios like pick and pop, pick and roll. But not only as a playmaker for himself but others. That is a role that Mason Jones played a lot for Arkansas last year. We saw his versatility and how that helped led to him being the co-SEC Player of the Year. Of course he was the leagues leading scorer and has moved on to the NBA. But if Arkansas can find a piece like Vance Jackson we will see where this goes. But he did get some run in this last week at the point-forward spot. Then the freshmen you know I keep hearing, sources are telling me that these guys continue to stand out. I think when you start thinking about the terminology that Musselman and the NBA look that they have. The terminology they use and the fast paced offense the freshmen have been able to keep up. That is not always the case when you transition from high school to this high major level. But so far so good there. We know that they are talented, skilled, they have the high basketball IQ, floor IQ and those things continue to impress onlookers is what I am told there.”

Chance Moore is a guard who Arkansas is recruiting for the 2021 class. He is actually going to take a trip to Fayetteville. But, McPherson says it is not an official visit with the Hogs.

“That is the interesting part. You know the NCAA has a mandated dead period. It has been indefinite since the pandemic really. They just have continued to extend it out. So there is no on campus or off-campus official or unofficial visits. So he plans to come with his dad to Fayetteville the weekend of August 8th and 9th in about a week to visit the town is the way he worded it. So there will be no contact with Arkansas’ staff. All of the restrictions from the NCAA will be recognized there. But I find it interesting. He recently got an Arkansas offer. The Razorbacks coaching staff have done a really good job with this guy in terms of the virtual meetings and zoom meetings and being able to recruit him. I think it says a lot that he is coming to Fayetteville.”

Jahmai Mashack is a 6-4, 190 pound guard that the Razorbacks are also looking at for the 2021 class.

“A California guard. You know you start thinking about Eric Musselman and his experience coaching out west not only at Nevada but in California and his ties there. Then David Patrick who just left Riverside as head coach the last two years. Again California. You look at Arkansas reaching out and expanding the recruiting base and trying to reach into California. Mashack he is already impressed with Arkansas’ fan base who started reaching out to him on social media once he got the Arkansas offer announced last week. I believe it was Tuesday. So he is already impressed with the coaching staff and the fans.”

As for the class of 2022, Cason Wallace is a 6-4 guard who recently got an offer from the Razorbacks.

“Yeah top 75 national player. Another guard and a guy that picked up his Arkansas offer just recently over the weekend. So Cason is another player when you look at 2022 we know the in-state class is really deep. But Arkansas has not let that limit what they are going to do. Again trying to build that national recruiting profile. So Cason Wallace now in Texas.”

Lastly, McPherson discusses Austin Nunez who should be having a virtual tour visit with Arkansas soon.

“Signs indicate that he is going to have a virtual tour, a zoom meeting soon. It could be as soon as tomorrow. But a 6-2 point guard. Another guy that you know when you start looking at Texas recruiting, I keep going back to that because I think the footprint states have always got to be important.”

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