“How many people, this year didn’t know we existed, and now know we exist because of Cam?”

Down Syndrome Connection of Northwest Arkansas has been helping families since 2002, but this season Arkansas kicker Cameron Little has connected the non-profit to the football field.

“My little cousin has Down Syndrome back in Oklahoma City, and I have grown up around him since I was 5 or 6,” says Cameron Little, “He’s 17 so we are basically the same ago, so to give back to an association like that means so much to me. I hope I can make as many kicks as possible to donate as much money as I can.”

Lindsay Dover, the Programs Coordinator for DSCNWA says it’s people like Cam who can really help make a difference with their platform.

“I think having grown up with someone in your family with Down Syndrome, he understands how special someone with down syndrome is.”

Little is donating $10 for every made field goal. So far this season he’s made 17, giving $170 of his own money. But that’s not all. He’s encouraged others on his social media to donate with him and that total has reached over $2,000.

“It allows us to continue to give age appropriate things for people with Down Syndrome, and that allows them to practice their independent skills, and allows for them to have a social community. We just finished Step Up for Down Syndrome for Down Syndrome Awareness Month. People create teams and we created a team for Cam called ‘Cam’s Kickers’. We have a shirt for him and his cousin that we are going to send to them,” adds Dover.

Just 10 games into his freshman season at Arkansas, Little is already making a lasting impact in the community, and it speaks volumes for who he is as a person. If you would like to donate with Cam, click here.