Arkansas Holds Racial Injustice Meeting, More to Come Next Week

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FAYETTEVILLE — Sam Pittman along with running back Trelon Smith and defensive tackle Isaiah Nichols did a Zoom conference with the media following Friday’s scrimmage.

Each of the three led off with a statement about a meeting today concerning the racial injustice and planned “something huge” for next week. Pittman talked first.

“First of all I want to talk to y’all about a very powerful meeting we had before practice on the situation in Kenosha, Wis., with Jacob Blake,” Pittman said. “It was powerful and I was awfully proud and am proud of our football team in the thing that came out of that meeting were very beneficial to myself and very beneficial to their other teammates. We’re going to make some type of a statement about that situation some time next week and I believe our players today will make a statement about that.

“I want to tell you I’m 100-percent behind our football team and our players and I’m very proud of them.”

Smith transferred to Arkansas from Arizona State prior to last season. He used it as a redshirt season and now has three years of eligibility. He also spoke on the team meeting earlier today.

“We had a meeting with the group, with the team,” Smith said. “Everybody got a chance to speak their mind and what was important to them. As a team we decided that we were going to be doing something next week. We’re going to create a movement, just to show the people in the state of Arkansas and around the country that we care about the things going on in today’s society with the police brutality, racial profiling and things like that.

“So, some time next week, we’ll be doing something huge just to show the people that we care and that we’re thinking about them as well.”

Nichols is a third-year sophomore who played in 12 games last season. He finished with 17 tackles, including seven solo, one for loss and 0.5 sack.

I would like to make this statement for the defense,” Nichols said. “We talked and we had a pretty powerful team meeting today regarding the things that have been going on lately in this country and this world. And we want to use our voice as best as we can and  we want to cause justice for the cops that killed Breonna Taylor and also the recent incidents that happened with Jacob Blake. 

There’s a lot of injustice and murder and bad things happening in the African-American community in this country and we are going to be using our voice and I talked with the defense and we came up with something we want to say. We’re here to bring people with us.  We’re not trying to be negative and spread hate. We just want to spread love. In  these studies is love, we’re a family.  I’m sure you all have talked to Coach Pittman and am sure you all heard him that they back us 100 percent with all this stuff going on. And we know that. So we just want to be able to make a difference and spread our love and this team and the rest of country and the rest of this state to show people how we have come together as people as humans.

The Hogs held their first scrimmage today.

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