Linnie Malkin puts it out of the ball park. 15th home run of the year.

“I look at like a spot on my bat and it draws me back in to the game and singing the song just helps me see the ball and hit the ball”, said Arkansas outfielder Linnie Malkin.

No matter the spot. No matter the song. It’s working this season for senior outfielder Linnie Malkin.

She was known for her long ball last season and in 2022 that hasn’t changed.

CJ Maclin asks, “I think you had 18 home runs last year, you got 17 now. You think your going to top that number coming into this last stretch?”

“Yeah I better, I’m hoping for above 20 so I’m real excited about that”, said Malkin.

Number 22 is first on the team in home runs. Yes you heard that right, first. And she also has done it in only 107 at bats. The second leading home run hitter has 144 at bats. Her name is Danielle Gibson. So why is Linnie Malkin not recognized as much for what she does for this razorback team?

“Yeah I don’t think people are talking about Linni Malkin’s season enough. Absolutely. Look at what she’s doing”, said Arkansas head softball coach Courtney Deifel.

“Uh some what yeah. I don’t want to say I am, I don’t want to say I’m not, but I have all the confidence in the world in myself. And I think that’s what matters most. And what matters to me most is my teammates and my coaches so”, said Malkin.

Not only is Malkin swinging the ball over the fences, her batting average has increased from .265 a year ago, to .421.

Getting her average up was a goal of hers. But the ultimate goal for her, awaits in Oklahoma City, said Maclin.

“I think coming off of super regionals when we lost in our home. That was kind of a fire in us. I’m so excited. I just have a very good feeling. Everyone has a very good feeling. I think this is our year to do it and I’m excited”, said Malkin.