“Hi everyone my name is Shafiqua Maloney, but everybody calls me Fifi”, said Shafiqua Maloney.

Fifi has been Arkansas secret weapon on the track. But her journey didn’t start in Fayetteville. It started in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, that’s where home is. Then she went
on to her first college with help from a friend in her community”, said CJ Maclin.

“My last year of high school and stuff, he told the coaches about me, they reached out among other coaches, but as a kid that’s 17 years old and know nothing about the us; I decided to go somewhere where I know somebody who you know, helped me”, said Maloney.

But Shafiqua, would learn quickly that college track, was a not a game.

“I got my butt whooped on the track pretty good and I didn’t like that. And so after that first year, I got into my training and after I knew what it took to be a champion in the MVC, you know I did the work.”

And in her second season, the pages turned for the best.

“My last year there I was MVC champion in the 4, the two, and in the four by one”, said Maloney.

Fifi got so many more awards, that she couldn’t even remember them all. After she peaked at SIU, she decided to take on a bigger task at the University of Arkansas.

One thing that I came to learn is they don’t play in the SEC. So you got to make a decision. Do you want to be at the bottom of the lineup or at the top. And Arkansas you have to be at the top you know. They don’t just win sec’s and nationals by being at the bottom”, said Maloney.

Just like SIU she had to learn in her first season as a razorback, but coach Chris Johnson helped prepare her to new heights in her second year around. Heights such as a breaking a school record, said Maclin.

“Coming to Arkansas and where I came from, I didn’t think I had what it takes to be able to hold a school record.”

She also owns the National record in the 800 meter race outdoors. That’s also third in UA history. Fifi will now take her talents professionally as her senior season at Arkansas, has come to a close.

“I love track and this is something that I would like to do, for a long time.”