Today we go to a special person on the women’s basketball team, Rylee Langerman, but not about how physical and effective she is to this year’s team.

Today, we talk about her battles off the court.

Let’s go behind number 11 with 11.

“I’ve had alopecia since third grade but I didn’t lose all of my hair until I was in middle school so that is just something that I kind of have grown up with and had to adjust with throughout my life”, said Rylee Langerman

Rylee Langerman, a sophomore guard for the Razorbacks has battled Alopecia Areata for most of her life. The disease attacks the hair follicles, and despite her parents trying multiple treatments, nothing seems to work for her.

“At first I mean it makes you stand out and you kind of grow some insecurity from that but I think that I started to use it as a way to look past my insecurities and to grow my self-confidence and grow my trust in the Lord and in my family. So I think God has definitely used this in my life to grow me as a person”, said Langerman.

“Her faith in Jesus Christ was the ground floor to help her get through all of this. And even today I think that faith is what wants her to step out and help other people. And even if there were a treatment option for her at this moment, I don’t feel like her mission is finished yet”, said RJ and Melissa Langerman.

Rylee is doing just that. A pre-med major, she’s using her platform to reach young kids with her condition. And if you’ve ever been to a women’s game, you will see Rylee hanging around after a game talking with fans.

“If Jayce and I end up having and it’s a daughter, I want them to grow up and be a combination of my older daughter Abey and Rylee. She is just a great example of hard work”, said Head Coach Mike Neighbors.

She is not only a role model to the younger generation, but is also a role model to people in her own household.”

“I would tell you that selfishly when they were growing up, I always wanted my kids to look up to their dad as their hero, right? But now, both my son and my daughter are my hero’s. No doubt”, said RJ Langerman.

Rylee Langerman, remember the name, because she attacks Alopecia, just like she attacks the basketball court every day.

What a story. A fighter on and off the court.