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Here are the questions for this week’s Ask Mike:

J Hicks 3636 says:

On a previous show you discussed possible coaching changes at the end of the season for the Track and Field teams. With the cancellation of the Outdoor season, do you have an update on this situation?

Answer: I was asked about the possibility of a new head coach for the men’s track team. The Arkansas men won the SEC Indoor Championship for 2020. There will not be a coaching change unless for some reason Chris Bucknam decides to take another job or retire. Neither of those possibilities seem likely.

Swine American says:

There was talk of closing off the upper deck at Bud Walton Arena since our basketball program has been fair to mediocre since the late nineties. First, approximately how many seats are in the upper deck and if it were to be shut down, what would the capacity of Bud Walton become for basketball? Second, now that Eric Musselman has signed one of the better recruiting classes in decades, does that nix any speculation of whether the upper deck will remain?

Answer: There are approximately 4,500 upper deck seats. If they replaced them with skyboxes the capacity would likely be reduced to around 14,500. I know of no plans to do that.

Sed76 asks:

Since the atmosphere is so good in North Little Rock when the basketball team comes to town do you think we will ever play any big time teams there instead of lower level schools? In the past we played Illinois when they were ranked #1 and a Bobby Knight Texas Tech team there.

Answer: There is a good possibility of that happening. Eric Musselman likes the atmosphere in North Little Rock. It’s a true home court advantage. I think he would be entirely comfortable playing a ranked non conference opponent there.

Alabama Hog says:

Coach Muss and the staff are providing virtual visits for recruits. Based upon their follow up comments, the recruits appear to be extremely impressed by the presentation. Can you provide insight into the virtual process and/or content (information) that Coach Muss and the staff are providing to the recruits. Is there anything unique about their approach to the virtual process.

Answer: I would not call it a virtual visit but more like a virtual tour of Arkansas’ athletic facilities. It’s apparently very well done. Recruits have had good things to say about it. However, it’s not designed to take the place of an actual recruiting visit.

Pigsfeat says:

I know every fan supports their own team and players. Maybe believing they are better than they really are. I expected more former Hogs to be drafted. Were there any surprises for you in the NFL Draft?

Answer: I was surprised that C.J. O’Grady was not drafted at all. I expected his off the field issues to knock him down a bit but not eliminate him from the draft entirely. This year’s draft class dates back to the last part of the Bret Bielema era when recruiting dropped off. I expect to see a better draft showing from Arkansas players moving forward.

Lanny wants to know:

What’s going on with C.J. O’Grady? The discipline issues at Arkansas clearly affected his draft status but to not even be offered a free agent contract seems odd. Is there something we don’t know about?

Answer: The free agent situation may be a matter of his agent asking for too much money for C.J. If so that situation should take care of itself. There could be something in the interviews he did at the combine that turned NFL GM’s and coaches off.

Arkansas Redneck asks:

Have you heard anything about some conferences playing college football this season and some deciding to cancel and would the NCAA allow that?

Answer: It’s possible but not likely. I think the 2020 season will be played by all teams. There is good news in the form of data that appears to show that COVID-19 doesn’t do well in outdoor settings. This is one of the explanations for why the hot spots have been in places with large numbers of people gathering indoors. Major League baseball may end up being a test case for college football. A start up this summer with no indications of mass infections within the crowds would ease fears about football crowds.

Hog Over America asks:

What do you think about Ryan Mallett becoming a high school football coach in Mountain Home?

Answer: I like it. With his experience at the college and NFL levels he could be an outstanding QB coach. I’m told there are coaches in his extended family and teachers in his extended family. I wish him good luck.

All Knowing Jason Hog wants to know:

Did you see the video of the cannonball that coach Musselman did into this pool which was posted on Twitter? If so How would you evaluate his from?

Answer: Watching the video I’d give him an E for effort. However when doing a cannonball from the edge of a pool you need height, not distance. This helps you land with force on your bottom. Coach Muss came down on his back which reduces the radius of the splash which is the whole point of a cannonball.😁🤣😁

BWA Pig asks: What do you think about the shot the assistant coach at Tennessee took at coach Muss? What’s his deal? Is there some sort of a previous problem between the two of them?

Answer: It’s important to note that the never mentioned Musselman by name and his tweet was aimed at more than one coach. Even if he was referring to Musselman who cares? Musselman’s answer when asked about it was perfect: ” I don’t know who he is.”

Hog fans like his funny tweets and so do recruits.

End of story.

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